Record cold in Russia

Record cold was measured in Tver, -28.4 degrees C, more than 2 degrees below the previous record set in 2000.

Another record was set in Ukhta, where it cooled to -32.5 degrees C. The previous record, -32.2 degrees C, was set way back in 1960.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

4 thoughts on “Record cold in Russia”

  1. Also appears to be snowing to the coast in New Jersey, and close in New York city, they weren’t prediting snow anywhere near the coast with this Noreaster, they said it would be an upstate far interior New England snow event.

  2. People don’t pay as much attention to Northeasters until they start affecting the “I 95 corridor” freeway.

  3. I thought I was told 20 years ago that palm trees would grow by now in Chicago, Russia and Canada????? I sure don’t see any! They’re even dying off here in parts of the SE…..

    Climatic cooling at its finest!

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