Record cold in Russia – Some areas coldest since 1889

Winter crops “not in a very good shape”

With temperatures running 7.2F to 10.8F (4C to 6C) below normal, abnormally low temperatures continue to hit Russia’s south.

The thermometer plunged to minus 13.6C in Makhachkala, the  coldest since 1889, the Federal Hydrometeorological Center said.

Today’s temperatures of minus 19.1C in Volgograd and minus 16C in Vladikavkaz are the lowest for this date since 1993, while the minus 19.2C recorded in the Black-Earth Tambov region in central Russia matched a 1998 record, said the weather center on its website.

Winter crops are “not in a very good shape” in southern Russia, said Alexander Korbut, the Grain Union’s vice president. ter-says.html

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  1. Norway weather warning

    Storm Berit, which lashed the Faroe Islands yesterday evening, is approaching Norway. Meteorologists are predicting possibly the worst weather for 50 years.

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    Massive damage as Faroe Islands battered by hurricane-force storm

    Widespread damage to property occurred in the Faroe Islands yesterday evening and night, as a fierce Atlantic storm raged by.
    Winds in the storm went up to 51 metres per second (184 km/h or 114 mph). To put that in context, the lower wind speed limit for a hurricane is 32 metres per second (115 km/h and 71.6 mph) — meaning that for a time the storm was equivalent to a category two hurricane.

  2. Some people seem to not understand that this blog is about the possibility of a new Ice Age coming in the near future (at the very least a “little” one) and not about discussion *if* it’s happening or not, hence the name of the blog.
    90% or more of the people that post here- I believe-are totally convinced that we’re entering a period of global cooling now.
    Please, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Hi Fran, speaking for myself only, yeah I would say I am able to read the past data enough to know that the solar cycles are looking scarily like the past minimum temp events that follow the warm interludes.
      so yes I am worried that food and my crop production as well as personal and animals health may be at risk from well below the “average” cool winter periods we’ve had the luxury of experiencinmg since the 70s. I well remember the much colder and wetter times we used to have in my country from march through to september. this year even the very old in this area are commenting its so like when they were kids back in the late 30’s/40s. cold wet and soggy, lakes filling, crops and animals getting issues like liver fluke foot rot and rust and fungals on crops. reading history the first settlers also had those problems, the 20s to 30s got hot and dry then cooler then warmer etc etc.

    • No, wrong the world has been cooling the last 10.000 years.

      During most of the last 3 million years it was colder so we are lucky to have these nice temperatures for the last 10.000 years. Maybe we understand that cold is the problem. Civilizations break down with climate cooling. Climate cooling brings unstable extreme weather.
      ps don’t trust the last 1000 year data

    • Fran, apart from last year when i landed in hospital twice (Christmas then New year) with my asthma and two years ago with aggravated excema and cellulitis,i don’t think i am kidding you when i say i know a colder climate awaits us. Years prior to the above saw me in frequent visits to the surgery for nebulisors. This whole year (since February) has seen my excema cool and my asthma calm down, my voice has been less strained and croaky and my legs have been less itchy, my breathing has been more even and my general fettle has been less troublesome.
      1981 saw the birth of my first child,1982, my second. 1999 my second marriage and subsequent move to my little market town in Lancashire.Hospital frequencies ranged from six from 1983 to 1999. Since, i have been in hospital twice, both in Christmas 2010 and New Year 2011. This year, i deffinately feel better and stronger, do you think thats weather related? or, perhaps, could it have something to do with my move from the North to the North West?. Even the water here is different and better!. My point is, something is deffinately happening yes. For me, less heat is less itching, less heat is better breathing. Can the body lie?, i daresay in certain circumstances but, for me, i feel great just now.
      GrannyG (Val).

  3. @Robertvdl I agree with your last post, it’s not warming but getting colder as a general trend. For example, look at the graph on pg12 of the following pdf

    The picture shows the trend up to 2009 and we know that there was a spike up in 2010 due to La Nina. But as far as I can understand it, the trend has not changed *because it’s driven by the Sun* and I believe it will continue. There will be oscillations but in the end it’ll get colder, that’s what the *true observational data* is showing.

    See also the comments here:

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