Record cold in Russia

Temperatures already below zero –  in August!

An atmospheric vortex is bringing anomalously cold Arctic air to the northern regions of the European part and the northeastern regions of Siberia, including in the Komi and Yamalo-Nenets a.o. An area.

A new  record low of -4.8°C, was set in Vorkuta. The previous record was set August 13, 1994 when the temperature dropped to -1.4°C,

Also, a new record low of -0.6°C was set in Salekhard.

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7 thoughts on “Record cold in Russia”

  1. This summer in the Midwest has been cooler than normal. It has been very humid in which it is still uncomfortable to work outdoors. I have seen on different weather sites, how this fall will be milder and cooler than average.
    I have stocked up on more wool blankets and gloves to offset the coming winter chill. It only will be getting cooler as we go on from here.
    P.S. I love working outdoors in the fall and winter…..

    • I have lived in the Yukon for about 9 years. Only 3 of those years actually had anything approaching what would be called a normal summer, with lots of sunny days. The rest of the years – including this one ( 2017), we get rain almost every day. Rain either in the afternoon and/or evening and overnight too. Its not a warm rain either, its cold rain, so hard to get things to grow fast enough outdoors. Almost have to grow only in greenhouses, unless lucky enough to have total south exposure – which helps somewhat.We are on the lee side of the coastal mountains and are supposed to be semi – arid. Winters have been more mild with odd warm periods in Dec but I wouldn’t call any of it ” normal”. Interestingly, during the last Ice Age this area did not get covered in ice.

  2. But the story goes that Siberia has only two seasons – August 12th and winter. So is this exceptional?

    • What happens in Siberia usually travels the jet stream to North America…I would expect Alaska and parts of Canada to also get cold. Not sure about record cold because there’s no snow or ice on the ground currently to keep the air from warming up but it should remain colder than normal as it travels to the northern plains and upper Midwest of the US. That is what usually happens when Siberia gets cold. It’s pretty well known that if Siberia is buried with snow by October then we in North America those of us East of the Rockies are in for a cold winter

  3. August is more like September in the UK. With a strong wind blowing yesterday, as soon as the sun went behind a cloud it was cold!

  4. Here in southern California we are having the coolest August I can ever remember! It too feels more like September or October.

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