Record cold in Siberia

In Turukhansk the temperature dropped to -49.6C (-57F), breaking the previous record of -46.8C (-52F) set in 1988.

In the next 24 hours anomalously cold weather will penetrate into the southern regions with an average daily temperature of 4- 16 degrees below the norm covering the entire territory of Siberia.

In Taimyr, Evenkia and Turukhansk district, the average daily temperature was below the norm by 12-16 degrees.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

4 thoughts on “Record cold in Siberia”

  1. Looks like “they” didn’t see Man Made Global Cooling coming, did they…………………..

    (It’s all Man Made. If the weather never changed for 10,000 more years? That’s Man Made. If all Hurricanes stop? That’s Man Made?.. If Florida has a 9,0 Earthquake? That’s Man Made. Amazing the POWER we have)

  2. On what basis are they claiming it’s one of the hottest years ever? During a La Nina when more than half of the South Pacific is cooler than average? Based on satellite data with new instraments going back 3 whole years???

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