Record cold spring in Russia

“This news is from a week ago,but still worth reading,” says reader.

17 March 2018 – In Chukotka, in Russia’s far east, comes a record cold spring. Last night in the village of Ilirney, Bilibino district, thermometers dropped to -50 degrees, the Chukotka news agency reports.

The average daily temperature in the district was below the norm by 8-10 degrees. In Pevek, the northernmost city of Russia, the temperature dropped to a record low of -41.4 degrees, five degrees below the previous record.

“In the coming days, Chukotka, Kamchatka and Sakhalin, as well as the Khabarovsk Territory, will be hit by a cyclone that will bring wind and a blizzard.”

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  1. The main stream media, including the meteorological ones did not present the sensation to the public.

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