Record cold summer in Denmark

Not just the day, not just the month, the entire summer. And records go back to 1874.


“The Danish met-office (DMI), has come out with an announcement,” says reader Ole Jensen.

“It took them a few months, but better late than never, right?

“Headline reads :

“Yes, the summer was miserable this year : Lowest daily high ever recorded”.

“Highest temp. recorded through the summer was 26.8 C., which is the lowest summer high since measurements began in 1874.

The weather this year has also been characterized by very few sunny hours and a lot of rain.

Thanks to Ole Jensen for this link

10 thoughts on “Record cold summer in Denmark”

  1. Looks like the scientific findings, peer reviewed, and published in several main stream scientific European publications, that Solar Warm periods like the one which ended in 2008 in climate terms, abruptly end with the entry into a Grand Solar Minimum, the changeover period before the climate change is locked into the fossil records is 10 years.
    Their studies were based on the LALIA, which coupled with worldwide volcanic eruptions gave rise the Black Death, famine and war, and reduced the Human population of Europe by a third.
    Their other finding for Europe at least, is that the climate changes from a benign warm to a cold, wet and very, very windy climate.
    Given that Demark is situated on the North Sea and at the entrance to the Baltic and in the same air stream wind directions, Ii would suggest the Scandinavia, the Baltic States and the Great Britain is all covered by this finding.
    Yet you will not see the UK Met Office publishing similar reports, they are fully signed up to supporting the AGW war on energy and the levies to support Carbon Credits at the expense of the people of the UK as a whole.

  2. Perhaps the DMI hasn’t learn to fiddle the figures like others have. The main sources required to produce the ‘proof’ the IPCC require are the US, UK and Australia.

  3. Is there any correlation between Danish summers and the following UK winter? The previous worst Danish summer was in 1962 and the UK suffered an appalling winter in 1962-3.

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