Record cold to sweep across south-east Australia

Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia bracing for record cold in coming days.

Canberra is forecast for a maximum of 7C on Friday, which would break the city’s record for the earliest day below 10C, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Temperatures could be between 8C and 14C below average in the country’s south-east.

Melbourne is forecast for a maximum of just 13C on Thursday and Friday, which would make it the coldest April day since 1996.

One of the bureau’s forecasters, Dean Narramore, added that parts of northern and central South Australia could experience “one of the coldest April days since the 60s or 70s.”

“It’s pretty unusual to see a cold front this strong, this early in the year,” Narramore said on Wednesday.

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6 thoughts on “Record cold to sweep across south-east Australia”

  1. The BBC world cities weather forecasts for Australasia gives a maximum of only 11C with light rain in Melbourne on Friday. That’s low enough for some snow on the southern alps.

  2. There has been a cold front move in from Antarctica but it is by no means the coldest night this year.

    Caloundra had 16 °C this morning but we had several mornings in early April of 12°C and one of 10°C.

    Canberra had mornings of 0°C around the same time.

    Then it warmed up as tropical air moved in.

    However this is the first snows this year except for some in Tasmania – again in early April.

  3. “extreme” weather events will now begin to be covered more by msm. It will be called “re-normalization” or “climate adjustment”.
    This is one of the main reasons for the “pandemic”. Look! its getting colder! It works fellow carbon zombie bubble heads! We’re onto a winner.

  4. Sorry to hear about that. I really hate snow and ice… and once I finally retired moved to southern AZ just to get away from that. I do have a hard time wrapping my head around that winter in the Southern hemisphere stuff….

    The past few days (especially yesterday) we’ve been having unseasonably hot weather (got to 102 F yesterday, whereas the “average” temps around this time of year would be a high of about 85 F). I am waiting for “them” to come out with some global warming claim about that…. but then it would contradict other “news” about how clean the earth is with fewer emissions due to the lock down.

    In the meantime, I will confess I had a bad day yesterday. I had not planned on going grocery shopping… but then when I heard that various companies (Walmart, Target, Amazon, & FedEx I think it was) were planning a strike to start today… I decided I better stock up on some things I was running low on. I decided to go to Target for the stuff I needed … not so much because I usually go to them for paper goods (a bit pricier than Walmart and not much of that in my local grocers)… but because the local “social distancing” restrictions they put in place at Walmart make it much harder for me to shop. That is, I have to use one of the electric scooters and in Walmart they now make you wait outside in a line 6′ apart… and don’t let anyone in until someone leaves. I don’t mind waiting like anyone else… except my knees are bad and I cannot stand that long without having a lot of pain.

    Anyway, so I went to Target… got what I needed but asked 2 staff if they were planning on striking and both said they hadn’t even heard about that but didn’t think it was a good idea at this time anyway!

    Then I took myself out for lunch at a drive in place, ate something much too fattening… and spent the rest of the day inside binge watching Jurassic Park movies (3 of the 5 I watched yesterday)… which I find a lot scarier than this virus. Then to counter that (lest I have nightmares all night) I went online and binge watched & listened to various videos of Toto’s “Africa” – eh, for about an hour. Followed by one or two views of that silly old video of Men At Work “Down Under”… in honor of you Aussies! ha ha…

    Well today’s a new day and I’m going to try to do something a lot more productive today and keep off the DVDs and get some work done around the house. What have you guys been doing to keep from going batty??

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