Record cold on Vancouver Island

Coldest since 1919


NEW RECORD 4.0 C (39.2 F)
OLD RECORD 5.0 C (41.0 F) SET IN 1919

Webcam shows snow beside the road:

Thanks to Steven Rowlandson for this link

“Usually this sort of thing happens in December- January,” says Steven.

2 thoughts on “Record cold on Vancouver Island”

  1. I live in comox. And our high didn’t get that warm, not even close. We didn’t break freezing point for those few days. The comic airport is very warm bias f9r some reason. Most of the time it will be 5 or more degrees out from actual at any given time. Even driving past airport where these readings are from same thing. Could be snowing yet it will say it’s 5 Celsius and raining? I’ve noticed this for several years now.
    As for the snow in this area. Nov 2 it started and still on the ground. Been very cold compared to what it should be this time of year. I don’t remember snow that has stuck around for more than an hour or so in November, let alone the 2nd of the month. Coldest I’ve seen so far was -11 2 mornings ago heading to work at 5:30am. Again when the news came on it said -1. So 10 degrees out that day!

  2. I have pix of the same street a few days earlier and there was snow on the trees. I expect the snow will be gone soon for a little while. It is a problem getting the right image presented when posting link to a web cam. By the time some one clicks on the link things have changed. Right now it is snowing up at Mt. Washington but if I posted a link the snow might have stopped rendering the report inaccurate by the time someone clicks on the link. I had that problem when I posted a link on May 15th this year. I was on the mountain in person that day. I did manage to record an MP-4 file off the computer screen showing snow falling overnight at the tube slide…. Seeing it happen online is matter of chance with streaming video.

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