Record cold in Western Siberia

Breaks record set more than 60 years ago.

26 Sep 2017 – A new record low temperature was registered in Omsk today.

The mercury plummeted to -6.2 degrees C, breaking the previous record for the date of -4.5C, which was set more than 60 years ago in 1955.

Temperatures in the area are abnormally cold, running 5-10 degrees C below the climatic norm.

Thanks to Matin Siebert for these links

“Looks like it started the cold record season,” says Martin.

2 thoughts on “Record cold in Western Siberia”

  1. “Na-Urale-i-v-Sibiri-chuvstvuetsya-priblizhenie-zimy”


    In the Urals and Siberia the approach of winter can be felt.

  2. Looks like adults today in Siberia still know what snow is, even if teachers were screaming in their faces 17 years ago that all ice would be gone in the Arctic by now……

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