Record Cold Winter For Australia

“No doubt the Warmists will conflate this to ‘an expected consequence of warming’.” – Scott Kane

G’day Robert,

We won’t hear much if any about this downunder on the MSM.  But given what the Northern Hemisphere has experienced thus year and the quiet sun, it’s not a surprise.

While we have had light snowfall in Melbourne several times in my 55 years living here, I’d not be shocked to see something more substantial.  Sadly, as a society used to temperate cold and 30c + summers – we are *not* equipped for this and our poor and elderly will pay the price for our decommissioned coal power generators.<

No doubt the Warmists will conflate this to “an expected consequence of warming.”

Scott Kane
Melbourne, Australia

8 thoughts on “Record Cold Winter For Australia”

  1. Currently record breaking rain associated with the now ending wet season across the entire north from Qld to WA. Right now there is a novel rain system over 1000 km across moving West from the Qld coast towards WA pounding the normally arid center moving into the desert proper today, its monumentally huge and I personally have never seen it’s like, I’ve been watching for 40 years.

  2. Scott have you told the the ABC 4CORNERS and the ship of fools about this weather prediction i think you will have tell them sooner or later but they will never believe you .

  3. The UN’s Agenda 21, now called Agenda 30 has the goal of moving people into a few “human settlements” in each country. A facilitator will be the argument that they are unable to supply people w heat, water, etc. if they remain distributed.

    I know this sounds far too dramatic to be true, but you see the land use laws are changing to make it more and more difficult for people to continue to live in more outlying areas. For example, when residential areas are destroyed by fire or flood, new regulations are put in place to make it nearly impossible to rebuild anything acceptable. And the environmental laws are being made ludicrously prohibitive of using one’s property.

    Destroying the ability to provide power is a part of this, in my opinion.

  4. The link provides record cold temps in oz, the Canberra low of 8.8 surely must be a typo it gets cold as a witches tit in that place

  5. the chap also forecast a cyclone due
    and he may well pull it off;-)
    over to the east near??island chain samoa or?? i see the small cyclone pattern appearing today yesterday it was winds round 40+ now theyre near 70k and its tightened up
    its also high enough to belt qld coast with luck..i know some wont see it as good BUT it creates the inland flooding n artesian n river flushes n refills they desperately need inland.
    meanwhile vic is warm and too damned dry!
    desperate for any rain at all in the sw of the state;-(

  6. South America has been posting up a lot of cold records the last 2 years to suggest that the cooling is underway there. It doesn’t have to appear globally at once.

  7. Did I miss something? Is this a prediction about the coming winter? We’re still a few months away from winter!

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