Record coldest ever May day in Denmark

Beats record set in 1941. Also, snowfall reported around the country.


6 May 2019 – It was so cold in Copenhagen during the Occupation in World War II that the coldest ever May day recorded in the Danish capital was in 1941.

We can now scratch May 1941 from the record books because on Saturday morning a new record low of 0.8 degrees was set in Frederiksberg.

I didn’t understand why this article started talking about Copenhagen and then switched over to Frederiksberg, so I checked the all-knowing Wikipedia.

Turns out that Frederiksberg is a part of the Capital Region of Denmark. It is formally an independent municipality separate from Copenhagen Municipality, but both are a part of the City of Copenhagen.

On Friday evening in the capital at around 22:00, and at different times elsewhere around the country, it full-on snowed for 30 minutes.

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3 thoughts on “Record coldest ever May day in Denmark”

  1. Tha all knowing left wing Wikipedia that suppresses facts and allows false editing of climate information.

  2. It would have been helpful, just so we’d have a better idea of what .8 really means, in comparison, for Mr. Hamilton to have told us what the previous record, from 1941, was. As it is, I don’t know if the record was broken by .1, or 15, degrees.

  3. I’m living in Coldenhagen, ehh Copenhagen, and it’s cold here. But the new and very inadequate homepage of DMI leaves us no information about this record cold. Now you can’t even find satellite photos of Europe anymore but they had a bunch of complaints so let’s see if it gets any better.

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