Record drop in global temperatures

11 Dec 2016 – New official data from British Met Office shows big fall from heat spike caused by El Niño.

Confirms that world average temperatures have plummeted since the middle of the year at a faster and steeper rate than at any time in the recent past.

The record high temperatures were caused by El Niño, not by man-made global warming.

The Met Office report was based on NASA satellite measurements of temperatures in the lower atmosphere over land – which tend to show worldwide changes first, because the sea retains heat for longer.

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9 thoughts on “Record drop in global temperatures”

  1. I think that 2015-2016 peak high is the result of global warming proponents rigging the data and somehow ended up in that chart. I do not remember either of the two years summer’s being anywhere near that hot.

  2. Is this data really from the Met Office? I can’t see any mention of it on their site, they seem to be prattling on about AGW in their usual way. It would be good to see the source of this info.

    • I agree, Jay, this needs to be validated as the AGWers will just dismiss it as another piece of Tory ‘Red Top’ tabloid tripe.

  3. I have my doubts about the UK having record warm years because it certainly hasn’t been during the Summer. As if often said, the night time minimums seem to be higher which pushes up the average and that must be due to UHI and site contamination. When the Met O made a song and dance last year about a short peak temperature – less that half an hour – measured at Heathrow Airport you know they can’t be trusted. The two sites that were the hottest this Summer are both subject to queries as to their reliability. The divergence between the surface stations and the satellite series has already prompted a lot of comment.

    • The UK Met Office can’t be trust with AGW statements period, with the head of the UK Met Office being as just as bad a AGW Warmist as Gore is.
      When the Met O made a song and dance last year about a short peak temperature – less that half an hour – measured at Heathrow Airport you know they can’t be trusted.
      Comment: This event was during the brief week of a Summer Spanish plume of dry air weather originating from Africa, some 90 miles wide, blowing in a South Easterly direction from the continent, rather than Biscay, as that tends to be thundery in nature.
      During this two hours period in the warmest part of the afternoon, the Northern runways was being used for landings with most of the aircraft being 4 engine, very heavy jets, using as normal, reverse thrust.
      The Heathrow weather station is situated on the edge of the secure fencing within 50 meters of the northern runway, right in the reverse thrust area. Talk about a Hot Spot weather station, you can get worse, but you have to put an incinerator next to a station to do so.
      If you look on U tube for Concord taking off from the Northern Runway with full afterburner you can see the width of grass in question.

    • Yup, the UK is in chronic mild mode just now, ‘proving’ that the all the rest of the world must be warming too. The foreign Johnnies have got it wrong again.

  4. Notice that the “hottest” years – 1`998, 2016 – were only 1.3 degrees “hotter” than the 0 baseline.

    Here in Sacramento, the temperature often changes 30, 40, 50 degrees in a day, almost every day.

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