Record drop in global temperatures

27 Nov 2016 – Global average temperatures over land have plummeted by more than 1C since the middle of this year.

Revealed by NASA satellite measurements, it is the biggest and steepest fall on record, with temperatures returning to levels not seen since 1998.

The drop intemperatures has been caused by the end of El Niño – the warming of surface waters in a vast area of the Pacific Ocean, and has nothing to do with humans.

That El Niño has now been replaced by La Nina – when waters in the same Pacific region turn colder than normal.

The 2015-16 El Niño was probably the strongest since accurate measurements began, with the water up to 3C warmer than usual.

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  1. Akkar is northern part of Lebanon. I found this news in Arabic language. The google translation is not perfect, alas.
    Citrus growers in the Akkar plain and fruit trees ravaged by a storm frost November 28, 2016.
    Perform owners and farmers of citrus groves in the Akkar plain sit symbolically them in the town of Telmaaan in the Akkar plain with a number of farmers in the town of Minya, demanding the concerned authorities in the State preview of the damage caused by the cold wave that hit the region, which led to an essential part of the season is damaged.
    He appealed to Mohammed al-Masri as the growers concerned officials to halt the introduction of Syrian agricultural products to Lebanon and compensation for farmers in the north, like other areas, he said, that was not the response to the harsh reality we will resort to escalatory steps to get our rights. ”
    This is referred to as the cold wave also caused damage to crops and agricultural tents, plastic (nylon houses) where an unprecedented low temperature at night and during the day to rise, leading to damage and wear plants and vegetables inside these houses.
    He appealed to the farmers concerned authorities to send experts to detect the losses that I read farmers in different regions of Akkar and mountainous and coastal moderation.

  2. To think that forty one years ago and right up to today they are saying a 1 to 2 degree celsius drop in global temperature would catastrophic, well here it is so now what?

  3. “The drop in temperatures has been caused by the end of El Niño – the warming of surface waters in a vast area of the Pacific Ocean, and has nothing to do with humans.”

    Obviously, the “Warming” had nothing to do with humans! In fact, humans have not caused any warming in almost 20 years! So much for the Global Lie!

    • Humans have not caused any warming since the last Dalton Solar Grand Minimum or since they became Homo sapiens some 200,000 years ago during the Saale glaciation period.
      Humans usage of stored Hydro Carbons over the last 110 years has simply converted them into energy and CO2 to be used for useful purposes, rather than the carbon cycle simply destroying them within the mantle as the ground they are in is sub ducted, the amount is some 4% of the trace amount of Co2 in the atmosphere which is .003%, the majority, if not all of human produced CO2 is rained out or absorbed by Plants via photosynthesis.
      As the Hydro carbons are destroyed with the mantle the CO2 and SO2 is exhaled into the Oceans via many of the volcanic processes and then some of it into the atmosphere dependent on the oceans temperature capability to store the excess.

  4. I guess the questions now are “how low” and “how long”?
    The la-nina after the 98 warmth wasn’t too bad. If this one keeps plunging and stays low for longer we’re in for a rough few decades.

    From 1945-1977 there was the negative phase of the PDO and they had one big el-nino in 58 and after that 2 decades of very cold temps. The current negative phase started somewhere around 2001-2003 so this is in keeping with previous events.

    There was six billion less people then. If we are in for 2 decades of cold we are in trouble.

  5. Winters in Wisconsin are snowier now than during the “good ol’ days” before global warming became problematic:
    The take-away is that the least snowiest decades since 1890 are, in fact, the 1890’s, 1910’s and 1950’s—while the snowiest decades are the 1960’s and 1990’s (with other decades tied in the third snowiest slot, including the 1920’s, 1940’s, 1970’s, and 2000’s).

    As a kid growing up in central Wisconsin during the 1970’s, winters were long and harsh and began sometimes as early as Halloween. My father has photos from the 1960’s of people standing atop snow drifts where they can touch the lines of telephone poles. No one wishes for a return to those kinds of conditions—at least, no one who actually lived through them first-hand. (Interestingly, those days of high snow drifts are things of the past thanks to better plowing techniques, and not because of less snow.)

    Other worthwhile infographics from the Wisconsin State Climatology Office:

  6. bloody amazing isn’t it??
    a minute Point of a degree warmth(using massaged figures) get global fear hype and media spin
    something so large as a FULL degree drop globally for land temps
    as well as dropping ocean temps..
    if the greentards REALLY GAVE A RATS!!! then theyd be so happy and relieved they’d be broadcasting it as it is NOT as bad as we thought
    all I hear is crickets!

  7. 1998 was the warmest year on record. What does this drop mean? Temperatures have been going up since 1998? I don’t think so.

  8. Lebanon preparing for snowstorm. November 29, 2016
    Snowstorm approaching from Lebanon .. and disaster management through “Facebook”.
    Instructed the governor of South Mansour Daou to all ministries and agencies operating within the province, particularly the Committee on Disaster Management in the South to “be in a state of readiness in anticipation of the storm coming and to take all necessary actions and measures to counter any negative impact on the daily life of citizens.”
    Daou also announced “put at the disposal of citizens hotline to call when any emergency which is 07,720,001.”
    The Committee on the media emanating from disasters and crisis management, and at the behest of conservative Daou held a meeting at the Prime Minister Rafic Hariri hall at Saray Saida government, which she introduced “functions and mechanism of action in terms of communicating with people and escort media to the work of disaster management,” and the mainstreaming of the data reported.
    Agreement was made to “activate its presence and activity in social media (Facebook – Twitter -anstgram – and Oatsab) to define the community on the role of this committee and the activities performed. As well as preparation for the involvement of educational institutions such as schools and universities at the level of the city of Sidon and the neighborhood under the guidance and counseling, prevention of risk the occurrence of any crises or disasters. ”
    For his part, the governor of the Bekaa Judge Antoine Sleiman issued the following statement: “With the approach of winter and prepare him, and the need to take precautions during and where it is expected to hit the storm Lebanon as of the day on Wednesday November 30, and the enforcement of the measures to be taken regarding the blizzards upcoming in the winter, we know all citizens within the scope of the Bekaa he received from the Directorate of Public works in the Bekaa list of the drivers of the bulldozers and places of their deployment in all the Bekaa specific areas in order to ensure coverage of all villages service in the event of a snowstorm may affect the
    Bekaa. where they can connect to maintain or Balqaimqam competent or Palmkhvr competent to ask for any assistance that might be related to the snowstorm when they occur and influenced by the Bekaa. as our response to a report in the interest of the economy, which benefit from the availability of wheat, flour, food, materials and reserve stations of fuel oil and gasoline.

  9. Snow covered mountains of Arabia! Tuesday November 29, 2016
    Snow mountainous sites in parts of Saudi Arabia covered when temperatures fell below zero for the Saudis interacts with this event nicely.
    Temperatures have reached the lowest levels to be extremely cold and snow cover unexpectedly areas of central and north-western Saudi Arabia, where temperatures tend to rise up to around 20 degrees Celsius even in November, “the cold season”.
    And through some of the Saudi population about their feelings toward this winter surprise on social networking sites, where one of them pointed out that the weather was “very European.”
    Perhaps bikers Saudis are not confident of their ability to lead in the streets slippery through the image of cars gathered on the side of the road show.
    Others chose to play as the snow rather than leadership and the formation of the snowman decorated with slogans favorite football clubs have.
    The snowfall came when I arrived temperatures to -3 ° C in Al-Jawf region, as well as in northern -1 Qurayyat, according to the newspaper report “Saudi Gazette.

    Saudis turn to comedy in snowy, wet weather.
    Al Arabiya English Tuesday, 29 November 2016
    Surreal images of snow and heavy rain in the northern regions of Saudi Arabia have been making global headlines in recent days, leading the Saudi citizens to create a hashtag on Twitter asking: “Is Riyadh the new London?”
    White and brown merged into one color as snow covered the desert sand in central and northwestern regions in Saudi Arabia after temperatures dropped below zero degree Celsius.
    In the central city of Shakra’ and the northwestern city of Tabuk, thin layers of snow carpeted the ground while heavy rain was witnessed in the cities like Jeddah.
    White and brown merged into one color as snow covered the desert sand in central and northwestern regions in Saudi Arabia. (Twitter)

  10. Snowfall in Saudi Arabia: It is all the news in India, in Russia, in Arabic countries, it is on YouTube. But the Dutch MSM keeps quiet about it. Recently they reported a lot about wildfires in Israel. And each burning tree in Australia is always headline news in the Netherlands.

    • Meant to include this quote

      “That global temperatures have fallen sharply over the past six months does not prove that global warming hasn’t happened, of course. It is still possible to see in the data a gentle upwards trend over the past 40 years.

      But it is somewhat misleading – as Nasa, the Guardian and many others have done – to interpret the sharp rise in global temperatures in 2015 and early 2016 as a shocking new acceleration in climate change, and then to keep quiet when temperatures fall back again to their much more modest, long-term trend.”

  11. Land based temperatures?

    Cherry pick much?

    Lemme guess, you’re also a website that hosts creationist nonsense.

    The world’s ice extent is 8 sigmas away from the mean. And you think there’s an ice age coming. idiot.

    • Tut! tut! Not nice. You will also know then that a) the data is yet to be verified and B) the NSIDC warns against conflating the figures from the Arctic and Antarctic into a single reading as there are, obviously, many different factors at play in two such varied geographicl entities.

    • If Robert is such a idiot then we are all idiots on his blog since many of us my self included agree and share Roberts opinions on this.

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