Record early opening for New Hampshire ski resort!

Usually opens in early November


The Conway (NH) Daily Sun reports in today’s edition that Wildcat Mountain in Pinkham Notch, NH is having its earliest opening in its 61 year history,” says reader Kevin Koffenberger.  “It will open on Saturday, Oct. 27 edging 2005’s opening by one day. ”

“Ten inches (25.4 cm)of new snow Wednesday combined with ideal snowmaking conditions has allowed for the early opening.  Nearby Mt. Washington (literally across the street from the resort) reported 21.1” (53.6 cm) at the summit.

“Usually Wildcat opens in early November with limited terrain.  Snowmaking requires several hours of sub 28F wet bulb temperatures at night, so it has been at least a little cool for a week or two to allow them to do this, and the outlook for that to continue (otherwise they don’t bother if it is just going to melt).

“Let the AGW cretins continue to make increasingly outlandish temperatures and keep adjusting past temperature records downwards,” says Kevin, “because maybe that will mean we will soon have September skiing! to Kevin Koffenberger for this link


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  1. I live nearby. Its like we skipped the month of October. Straight from September to mid November. Raw cold and cloudy… oh has it been cloudy. Almost no days of sun

  2. It’s much colder today than it was back in the 20’s and 30’s. It’s been trending down EVER since and especially after 2000 again over land. The Arctic hasn’t seen any summer in years with record breaking ice growth, especially Greenland. Soon people in New Hampshire will be skiing in late September!

  3. Looks like it is snowing in bout hemispheres in the same time.
    New Zealand has coldest winter in years.
    Heavy snow that blanketed parts of the South Island is expected to fall in the North Island’s Central Plateau.

  4. “Let the AGW …” says Kevin, “because maybe that will mean we will soon have September skiing!

    Be very careful what you ask for!

  5. Some of you skiers may think this is fun….just wait till it snows continuously for 3 – 4 weeks…..OR, they clear the roads and you make it to your yuppie Ski Resort, but for the next 4 days it snows, non stop, and there is 7 ft. all the way down…..and you can’t get out…… can’t get up………the entire State is buried under 10 feet……..for 2 months……………THAT IS AN “ICE AGE” and when this happens, (certainly next winter) it will be impossible for any of you to live there.

    Sell now. Get out. Tell your children to NOT live up there.

    Humans have never lived in such conditions with “modern” technology keeping them alive. In 1776, you had fire wood for 4 months. You shot rabbits and deer or had the meat already frozen…You melted snow for water….You never took a bath for 5 months…… peed outside or pulled your pants down and let it freeze………..can any of you do that today? Think you can? Turn off your electricity and water NOW and do not use your car………… do you like it?

    • Overreact much.? Please..I lived for six years in a cabin in Vermont. , No electricity or indoor plumbing – outside of a spring line . Central heat was wood. Could easily do it again. Its not that bad.

      • Tell this to people that have lived all life in a big city.
        Most people cannot start a fire without a remote control.
        But yes, CENTURION is exaggerating a little. I tried “you peed outside or pulled your pants down and let it freeze” and it didn’t freeze! :))

      • Please, your average “New American” living off of your taxes, free housing, free heat, free food, free health care, free rides to the free doctor………..yeah, right.

        You will see MILLIONS in the cities starve. They do not have the skills that come with your community and your genetic heritage. North America was established by those whose genetics enabled them to do what you claim you can do.

        Oh, I am not exaggerating. In fact, I intentionally downplayed the reality that is coming to the millions upon millions living up north. It will be worse than I can imagine and you have no ability to even imagine it…………..

  6. Centurion actually they are very good about clearing the roads up there. That area averages 80-110″ snow per year and it is common to have snow on the ground for 4+ months straight. 6″ is cleared completely in a couple hours. A foot fell the day before Thanksgiving 2014 ending around 10pm and by 7am the roads were fine. Take a look at things online about the winter of 1968-69 in northern New England. That is the closest they have come to being buried there.

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