Record early snowfall in Kansas City

Earliest snowfall in at least 120 years, since 1898.

Thanks to Daniel Holcomb for this info

7 thoughts on “Record early snowfall in Kansas City”

    • 0.2 inches causes an Ice Age?

      Donald Trump gets every woman on earth pregnant….

      You need to liaise with Siberian cousins and see if your two climates oscillate in tandem….

  1. If I sound a bit unimpressed with 14 snowflakes deep snowfall – okay, it probably was more than that – don’t feel hurt. I would almost bet that in 1898, they could have had .1 or .2 inches of snow fall and not consider it “accumulation,” since it would be gone in an hour or two unless it fell overnight. but 3.3 inches IS impressive for this early and that far south in the flatlands.

  2. Not to say this coming winter will mirror 1898- 99 or 1851-52 but given the patterns it possible! We will see! If it is so we’re in for a rough one!

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