Record February snowfall in Mankato, MN

Breaks record for the entire month set 56 years ago.

The latest snowfall of about 9 inches put Mankato over the amount needed to break the city’s unofficial February record of 26.5 inches set in 1962.

Depending on which unofficial measurements you follow, this area has received between 28 to 36.5 inches of snow this month. Either way is a record-breaker, no matter what the exact amount is.

And the numberskeep rising. More snow (1 to 3 inches) will arrive tonight, according to the National Weather Service.

I don’t know whether it was intentional or not, but the article didn’t mention that this was a record snowfall for the month until the 25th paragraph.

Thanks to Don Wilkening for this link

“And still 7 days left in the month,” says Don

4 thoughts on “Record February snowfall in Mankato, MN”

  1. how come the hell this wasn’t mentioned in the HEADLINE that it was a monthly snowfall record???
    We all know we have an ice age here……

    Of course to the media, more snow means hotter and hotter!
    If it drops to 56 below in MN, like last month, that means Minnesota was getting hot during that time!


    Will somebody find a picture of Dr. Fatass Al Gore skiing.

    That would be priceless.!!!!!!

    (I doubt that aholeFatass can ski)

    . I learned at 12 and, if I can be very, very modest, can ski like an Olympic, even though today I am an old geezer (A couple shots of rum takes care of it…ha)

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