Record February snowfall in Montana

Not just for a particular day, but for the entire month.


Preliminary reports from the Montana State University campus weather station suggest that almost 30 inches of snow fell last month in Bozeman, which would be a new record for February. The old record? It was a bit over 29 inches, set last year. (Recall that the MSU gym roofs collapsed in early March 2019.)

The seasonal total at MSU now stands almost a foot and a half above average.

Thanks to Clay Olson for this link

5 thoughts on “Record February snowfall in Montana”

  1. Did they build the gym roofs having listened to global warming alarmists say snow was a thing of the past?

  2. Too bad it happened in Montana, where there are not so many liberals to convince. I hope I live long enough to see Washington DC buried in ice.

  3. Like 2 months of record cold in the last year. Record snowfall maybe as often. Yet still, you’ll hear people say how “in the good old days” it was snowier and colder. Not at all sure that’s an accurate opinion. At least for some elevations.

  4. Also keep in mind Bozeman’s just getting what was already over Glacier National Park, same for the rest if the Rockies in many cases.

  5. What they are doing with that building whose roof collapsed from snow weight is driving me insane. Okay, not that bad, still, more later.

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