Record low temperature in International Falls, MN

Almost freezes on August morning – Breaks 100-year-old record.

The temperature in International Falls plunged to 33 degrees F yesterday morning. Or maybe it was 34F. It all depends on who is doing the reporting.

Regardless of which number it was, it shattered the previous record low for the date of 41F.

The previous record was set in 1918, 100 years ago to the day!

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6 thoughts on “Record low temperature in International Falls, MN”

  1. How are the farmers getting on with those temps, have they got their summer crops off yet.
    Corn and wheat are not going to do very well at all, barley may be OK, as it doesn’t mind a colder temp, but that is crazy.

  2. Yeaugh biased NWS again! It probably was 33F, but the NWS only reports the warmest temperature in that area as the overnight low.
    So they made 34F as the official record.

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