Record low temperatures across Michigan

Among the record lows  yesterday (Dec 27) were minus 12°F (-24.4°C) in Grand Rapids, minus 16°F in Alpena and minus 4°F in Detroit. That was the lowest temperature recorded in Detroit on Dec. 27 in 92 years, since 1925.

In Grand Rapids, the temperature dropped to minus 12″°F, according to the National Weather Service, shattering the record of minus 5°F set on Dec. 27, 1993.

Though not record-breaking, many Michigan cities awoke to below zero temperatures yesterday.

Thanks to Norm Smith for this link

1 thought on “Record low temperatures across Michigan”

  1. There is going to be NUMEROUS deaths from fires….fires people are starting to stay warm…..and one group of people (Hilary and Bernie voters) will blame another group (Trump voters) for these deaths……..from fires started by people IN their homes, garages or apartments……

    As we turn into a 3rd world nation, we will have deaths caused by 3rd world conditions…….and a certain demographic will be blamed for this……

    This Ice Age is going to be brutal for those who don’t pay attention and don’t want to acknowledge reality. Cold Kills. Warm heals.

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