Record low temperatures for central U.S. from the Dakotas all the way south into Texas through the weekend

Temps in North Central U.S. to run 30 to 40 degrees below normal as Arctic air races south into the Southern Plains.

Meanwhile, our leaders are doing their very best to destroy our economy – and our very lives – with their foolish fight against “global warming.”


  • Cold arctic air mass across much of the country and wintry precipitation from coast to coast.
  • Heavy snow and ice possible in the Pacific NW, while snow and freezing rain will impact portions of the Plains, the South, and the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Record low temperatures possible through the weekend.
  • Steadfast dome of frigid Arctic air to remain entrenched across central U.S. and continue expanding south.
  • Winter storms to wreak havoc from coast-to-coast not only going into this weekend, but also into next week.
  • Series of winter storms to result in heavy snow accumulations from the Northwest to the Midwest this weekend.
  • Icy conditions possible from the Lower Mississippi Valley to the Mid-Atlantic
  • Showers and thunderstorms in the Southeast.
  • Sub-zero high temperatures on tap in the northern Rockies and High Plains with some areas seeing morning lows both Friday and Saturday morning between -20 and -30 degrees.
  • Daily temperature departures in the North Central U.S. will range between 30 to 40 degrees below normal.
  • Wind chills remain dangerously cold ranging between -40 and -55 degrees across the Northern Plains.
  • Wind Chill Advisories extend as far south as Oklahoma with wind chills as low as -10 degrees possible through Saturday.
  • Bitterly cold temps for the Pacific Northwest, with some locations challenging daily record cold max temperatures today.
  • Much of the central U.S. from the Dakotas to Texas could witness many broken daily record low max temperatures through the weekend.

Today, periods of snow will blanket portions of the Northwest, the Intermountain West, and Midwest. The heaviest snowfall is anticipated in the Cascades, Tetons, and Colorado Rockies with accumulations over a foot possible. Totals of 3 to 6 inches in parts of the Northwest and central Plains could lead to hazardous travel, leading to  Winter Weather Advisories and Winter Storm Warnings in these areas.

By Saturday, a Pacific storm system slamming into the Pacific Northwest generates heavy snow and ice accumulations from Portland to Seattle.

Periods of heavy snow are likely in the Sierra Nevada, Great Basin, and Intermountain West leading to hazardous travel conditions by both ground and air.

Meanwhile in the northern Mid-Atlantic, a wintry mix of snow/sleet/freezing rain will bring potentially treacherous travel conditions Saturday afternoon. Ice accumulations on the order of a tenth to as much as a quarter inch of ice are possible through Saturday evening.

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  1. Just search for websites showing current sunspot photos. It is a blank plate void of pounding sunspots. Right there is the main culprit of or climate shifts and we are ramping up for a big one. A long cooling period. These things result in delayed triggers. Sort of like when our shortest days are not our coldest and our longest days not the hottest. The trigger is pulled but the effect is delayed a month or two. This calming sun trigger has been pulled but there is a delay in it’s effect. But fear not….it’s coming. We are just barely beginning to see the effect.

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