Record low temperatures in Japan – Video

Snow expected Saturday in Tokyo.

8 Feb 2019 – Record-low temperatures gripped Hokkaido on Friday, causing traffic disruption across the island.

As temperatures plunged in parts of the region the Meteorological Agency also predicted snow on Saturday for eastern Japan, with central Tokyo expected to see 5 to 10 cm.

The agency said a cold air mass with a temperature of minus 24.4 C, the lowest seen since it began compiling such data in 1957, was hovering about 1,500 meters above Sapporo, where the mercury dropped to minus 12.5 in the morning.

The temperature in the town of Oketo sank to minus 22.7 early Friday, while in the town of Rikubetsu, temperatures hit minus 20.3, prompting the Meteorological Agency to issue warnings about outdoor activities, freezing water pipes and hazards to crops.

Hokkaido Railway Co. suspended 74 train services on Friday after experiencing problems with frozen brakes and switching points.

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1 thought on “Record low temperatures in Japan – Video”

  1. They were getting all excited on NHK news about this cold weather. And about the snow which didn’t materialise in Tokyo. They had a slight dusting at most in places with surrounding areas getting just 2cm.
    Hokkaido was and is cold every year and have had snow, but nothing out of the ordinary. That cold air mass being the coldest ever over Japan, not sure where they got that from, it has been far colder other years.
    It has actually on the whole been a very mild winter in most parts. While Hokoriku area have been getting some really heavy snow at times, where I am we have had almost nothing so far just 18cm. We should have had way more by now.
    This is by far the driest winter in a long time for a lot of areas of Japan.
    2018 certainly had way above average temperatures across the country and 2019 has started off the same.
    While I believe the world has already entered the start of an ice age, it has not yet reached Japan, although I am expecting it to get cooler this year with a more proper winter from 2019/20.
    We report back later this year to let people know how Japan is getting on!

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