Record low temps in Alberta and Ontario

“Toronto set an all time record on Dec 28 at -22°C,” says reader. “Records go back to the late 1800s I think.”

“I live near Lethbridge Alberta, which tied a previous record on Dec 26 at -33.9°C … coldest since records kept at the airport starting in 1938.”

Thanks to Clive Schaupmeyer for this info

8 thoughts on “Record low temps in Alberta and Ontario”

  1. Here in toronto for more than a week now weve been dealing with cold that burns any exposed skin in minutes, with another week of dangerous cold to come. And w’ere suppost to be long past the point of no return in runaway global warming with cold and snow being a thing of the past. What a total and complete joke. At this point anyone who still staunchly believes in global warming without at least being significantly skeptical is ignorant or deluded.

  2. The AGW gang will tell you this is “just weather”, and doesn’t signify anything about climate. Of course, a comparable hot spell would be trotted out as proof positive of global warming.

  3. A record low (or high) is far more important than “the coldest (or warmest) day in eighty years.”.

    ” The coldest day in eighty years” means that there was a colder day eighty years ago. Or in other words over the last eighty years there has been a slight warming trend.

    The coldest day ever means that there has been a cooling trend since records were first kept.

    “Coldest day in eighty years” is still useful. It offers evidence to counter warmist claims that warming is recent, I.e. tied to industrial activity.

  4. -29 this morning, -38 with wind chill … 🙁
    I’ve been in Calgary since 1980. I remember it being this way a lot more back then. The PDO and AMO were both negative and just switching to the positive phase.
    We get a week or two of DFC (Darn Freaking Cold) every year. Once the AMO goes negative we’ll have a lot more.

  5. In the southwest of Canada, the ice left more than 40 thousand people without light
    In the southwest of Canada, an icy rain fell. In the south of British Columbia, more than 41,000 consumers were left without electricity.
    ice , icy rain , weather in Canada

    In the southwest of Canada, an icy rain fell. Ice covered roads, houses, could not stand the load of the wire. In the south of British Columbia, more than 41,000 consumers were left without electricity.

    The main focus of bad weather was concentrated in Fraser Valley – the southern region of British Columbia. Because of the icy rain without electricity, residents of the cities of Mission, Chilliwack and Abbotsford remained. Movement on highways is disrupted. Police in the region report a sharp increase in traffic accidents.

    Currently, the restoration work is underway. The timing of their completion is not yet clear.

  6. Relax and get with the program:

    1) Record Heat is proof of MAN MADE (only kind) of GLOBAL Warming (no regional climate, mind you)

    2) Any snow or cold temperature is PROOF of MAN MADE CO2 increase. Yes, it is proof. What more do you need.

    3) Those who refuse to accept this are paid fools of Exxon.

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