Record low temps from Idaho to Montana to Wyoming to Colorado to South Dakota

Casper, Wyoming and Denver annihilate previous records.


“Denver’s Monday high expected around 17F (-8.3C),” says reader Pieter. “That would be 14 degrees beneath the prior record for lowest high for the date, per Denver Post. That’s a pretty good indication of how freaky this storm is given the wide boundaries for Colorado’s ‘normal’ weather variability.”

Meanwhile, according to reader Adoni, “Billings, Montana, fell to 16F on Saturday morning, comfortably busting the previous record of 19F set back in 1976 (solar minimum of cycle 20).”

“On Friday,” Adoni continues, “Idaho Fall, Idaho, fell to 13F (-10.6C), breaking the old record of 16F set in 1980.

“Casper, Wyoming, annihilated its previous low of 11F from 1984 (solar minimum of cycle 21) with a new reading of –5F (-20.6).

“Downtown Rapid City’s 14F last night pipped the old record of 15F set back in 1919.”

Wouldn’t this be a great time to have no natural gas or heating oil, as Joe Biden so cleverly wants to impose on us?
(See The Biden Family Green New Swindle Deal)

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  1. “Wouldn’t this be a great time to have no natural gas or heating oil, as Joe Biden so cleverly wants to impose on us?”

    The politicians and their fellow travelers do like to try to get people to believe and act on false information. I for one am seriously considering using an extra blanket tonight in the car.
    It is going down to -1 C in Barrie, Ontario.

  2. A later report — also from the Post — noted that since Denver records began in 1872, last year was the first October with three consecutive overnight lows in the single digits.

    They also reported that looks likely to repeat this October.

  3. Perhaps this cycle swings a little bit deeper than simply the Next Maunder Minimum.

    Around 2012 [or so] the Planet crossed the Galactic Meridian, an event that happens approximately every 25,000 years or so as Earth circles round within the Milky Way. How long has it been since the last proper Ice Age? I think the flippening will happen a lot faster than ordinary people think. (outside of, of course, the hidden history/knowledge circles.). Those folks are prepping the population for a carbon neutral future at precisely the wrong time , or is it the right time? I guess it all depends on one’s good intentions and point of view : ) Get ready for it.

  4. 31F here at 04:50. Record low was 28F in ’09 which was solar min. Last year, this date was 29F during solar min and the average temp is 42F.
    Temp at my desk, 70F. Was 50F before I got the woodstove going.

  5. So, no warming there in …….supposedly…… the “hottest year since records began ” according to Justin Rowlatt, BBC environment Correspondent on Sunday 25th Oct 2020.
    He said it on DATELINE LONDON, a BBC News programme.
    That prog was totally biased in favour of renewables…….WITH NO-ONE GIVING AN OPPOSITE VIEW ! That is BIAS !
    Those on the prog were Henry Chu of Los Angeles Times , Justin Rowlatt and Isabel something of China Dialogue.
    They were all EFFUSIVE in favour of renewables. I have complained to the BBC Complaints web-site.
    Others can do likewise !

  6. It was Isabel HILTON on “Dateline London”.

    Here is my complaint to the BBC:-

    Dear Sir,
    I wish to protest very clearly regarding the completely biased Dateline London programme shown on BBC TV on Sunday October 25th. All the speakers were TOTALLY biased in favour of renewable energy, without a single person there to give the opposite view.
    Henry Chu of Los Angeles Times , Isabel Hilton of “China Dialogue ” and BBC Environment Correspondent , Justin Rowlatt , were all completely BLINKERED and BIASED in favour of renewables. How on Earth can renewable energy power the UK when wind energy and solar are so unreliable and mainly trivial?
    The TRUTH is on National Grid website
    We are at 52 degrees North here in Cardigan, Wales. Most of the UK is north of us. So how can solar energy power the UK, when :-
    [a] It is dark for at least 17 hours a day in most areas for much of the winter?
    [b] Solar energy is very low on rainy or cloudy days………even in summer……let alone Spring, Autumn and Winter.
    [c] I have 26 solar panels. In bright sunshine, they can generate 8kW at midday in summer……..but it drops to less than 2kW if even a CLOUD crosses the sun !!
    Wind energy is much worse. There are many days when ALL the wind turbines of the UK only generate 1000 MW or less. The UK needs up to 60000 MW in cold winter weather simply to power our homes, offices, factories, pubs, restaurants and HOSPITALS ! The maximum the wind produces on land or sea is 12000 MW. Under HIGH PRESSURE it can even drop to 200MW !!
    However, there are 40 million vehicles in the UK. The Govt wants to scrap diesel and petrol cars. Say we have 30 MILLION ELECTRIC CARS IN FUTURE ! Check the FACTS on the Nissan Leaf ! To charge its 40kWh battery needs 5 kW for 8 HOURS CONTINUOUS CHARGING.So 30 million x 5kW = 150,000 MW… FOR 8 HOURS …..yet the current National Grid only has 75000MW, but only an average of 6000MW comes from wind.On calm days ,it can be 200MW
    It is IMPOSSIBLE for the wind and sun to power the UK ,let alone 30 million cars. 

  7. no gas no oil no electricity either…and no burning wood cos thats nasty bad etc
    ah the green togetherness of families huddled around a candle to stay warm

  8. I remember snow in Denver as early as September and as late as mid-May, so while not common, it is also not uncommon. Having this become a pattern would be a sign of a change! The bigger news is that the snow mass for the northern hemisphere is/has been growing as well as several monitored glaciers in Greenland. This is solid evidence of a new Grand Solar Minimum.

  9. That guy Biden can go straight to hell!
    Denver Post is stupid. It’s a clear indication that this is a new ice age cycle – not “something freaky.”

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