Record low temps in Oklahoma and Texas

24 July 2019 – Funny how ‘hottest year evah’ assertions keep popping up when so many places are reporting record cold.

Thanks to Jack Hydrazine for this link

8 thoughts on “Record low temps in Oklahoma and Texas”

  1. It’s all lies that the global warming fear mongers keep spewing. The Sierra’s have expanding glaciers. Looks like new ones are forming.

  2. Well with hockey stick graphs and focusing on just one side of the Temp’s, the high end. You have the New World Order.
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

  3. Do as I Say…
    Hypercritical Greenerati Arrive At Climate Conferance in 117 Private Jets, Helicopters & Yachts

    A host of A-list celebrities faced an angry backlash today after they travelled to a climate change conference in Italy in a fleet of supercars, expensive yachts and more than 100 private jets.

    BBC presenter Andrew Neil was among those to point out the irony, saying: ‘Scores of celebrities and the rich have arrived in Sicily for a Google conference. They came in 114 private jets and a flotilla of super yachts. The conference is on global warming…’

  4. At the last Democrat debate we had one of the many candidates say that the last three years have been the hottest in recorded history. I’d like to see Robert do an article debunking that. Should be easy to do. Of course the candidate did not quote any sources for this lie! This would make a great read, how about it Robert?

  5. All we hear on BBC News in UK is that in August 2019, the UK has had a RECORD HIGH TEMPERATURE. Then they interview Greenies and Met Office people to discuss GLOBAL WARMING.
    Stories like this one from the Southern US States are NEVER reported. Americans should write to Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and BBC in London, UK and report these temperature FACTS from the USA.
    UK news is BIASED !

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