Record low temps in seven states – OH, CT, PA, NY, IL, NJ and RI

But if you depended solely on The Weather Channel’s headline, you’d never know about those record-breaking lows.

Instead, the headline warned that “Chilly Temperatures Engulf Eastern, Southern U.S.”

Oh well, even though they didn’t get around to it until a few paragraphs in, at least I”ll give them credit for actually listing the record lows.

Record lows on Friday morning
Alpena, MI (36F – tied)
Watertown, NY (37F – tied)
Flint, MI (39F)
Binghamton, NY (42F)
Syracuse, NY (42F – tied)
Poughkeepsie, NY (43F)
Bridgeport, CT (52F – tied)

Record lows on Saturday morning, including:
Glens Falls, NY (34F)
Albany, NY (38F)
Binghamton, NY (39F – tied)
Poughkeepsie (40F)
Hartford, CT (41F)
Springfield, IL (42F)
Providence, RI (46F)
Newark, NJ (49F)
New York City’s LaGuardia Airport (56F – tied)

Record-cold high temperatures for the date on Friday
Dayton, OH (59F)
Columbus, OH (62F)
Pittsburgh, PA (63F)
Watertown, NY (64F)

The Weather Channel also warned  that a fall-like chill would engulf the eastern states next week. “Record lows and record-cold highs will be threatened in some cities.”

I assume these record low temperatures were caused by global warming.

Thanks to Vance von Raab, Dean Koehler and Jack Hydrazine for this link

5 thoughts on “Record low temps in seven states – OH, CT, PA, NY, IL, NJ and RI”

  1. Today Saturday, 2 September – Upton, Long Island, NY

    LOW – 05:03 AM … 43.34° F
    HIGH- 12:51 PM … 64.04°F

  2. Here in northern New England we are easily two ( if not three) weeks ahead of schedule. Many of the maples, birches and ash leaves are already beginning to change – even as far south as the central parts of NH and VT. It looks ( and feels) more like the end of September rather than the beginning.

  3. Adding to the unusual lows.

    It’s hitting even the deep south now. Dallas is forecasted to hit 60 this week and both Dallas and Houston will be in the low to mid 60s in the morning, the normal for those temperatures are not supposed to start until October.

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