Record lows far into the south

28 Dec 2017 – Several locations across Arkansas set or tied record low temperatures this morning.

Thanks to Samuel Tadlock for this link

2 thoughts on “Record lows far into the south”

  1. Don’t know if it’s set any records or not, but it’s been cold as the devil the past few days here in West Tennessee.

  2. checking in for Houston. I have not run the air conditioning since mid-December and may not thru mid-January or later. Usually in Houston, 85 in late December is not uncommon.
    although I do not believe manmade CO2 is affecting the environment and I do believe the sun is the determining factor in the earth’s climate change, I’m skeptical we’re in or about to enter a mini ice age, but if the southeast usa stays in this kind of cold pattern until march; I might make a note to stock up on supplies before winter comes next year, just in case.

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