More record lows in Labrador

Breaks record set 49 years ago

Issued by Environment Canada  – The following stations set a daily minimum temperature record on July 16, 2017:

Churchill Falls
New record of 3.9 C (39.0 F)
Old record of 4.1 C (39.4 F) set in 2013
Records in this area have been kept since 1968

Wabush Lake
New record of 2.0 C (35.6 F)
Old record of 3.6 C (38.5 F) set in 2013
Records in this area have been kept since 1960

Thanks to Terry Homeniuk for this link

3 thoughts on “More record lows in Labrador”

  1. 1968 during solar minimum between SC19 the largest energy output cycle of the Modern Solar Warm Period and SC20 an AMP effect solar Cycle with similar energy output to cycles SC15 to SC17, 1912 to 1946.
    SC24 this cycle has been two third of the energy output of SC20, the next SC25 will be even lower in energy and in particular EUV output.
    Once again the records show that the coolest temperature records for each season occur during the minimum periods between solar cycles during normal solar activity.
    The difference now is that we are in a Grand Solar Minimum similar to Dalton where similar records can and will be broken during this end stage of this solar cycle, and all the way though the next Solar Cycle SC25.

  2. i wish i had thought to log the number of frosts we’ve had here.
    far more than any Ive had in the 11yrs Ive been in this place.

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