Record May snowfall in Switzerland

Breaks May snowfall record set more than 70 years ago. Also, unseasonal cold threatens vineyards and the strawberry crop.


Parts of Switzerland saw record snowfall for the month of May overnight Saturday into Sunday, along with unseasonal cold. Although most of the snow fell in the central and eastern alpine regions, the most dramatic records were set in lower-lying Bern and St Gallen.

The Swiss capital of Bern woke up to four cm of fresh snow on Sunday morning. The previous record for the month was one cm in 1945.

The eastern city of St Gallen saw 19 cm of snow, up from 12 cm on May 7, 1957, according to the Swiss meteorological service MeteoSwissexternal link.

MeteoSwiss forecasts sharp groundfrost in the lowlands on Monday and Tuesday.

Vineyards and the strawberry crop may be threatened by these adverse weather conditions. Two years’ ago, the Swiss fruit farming industry suffered heavy losses as a result of late frosts. Vineyards were badly hit, as were cherry, apricot and apple harvests.

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3 thoughts on “Record May snowfall in Switzerland”

  1. MeteoWeb has other links to the Italian agricultural impacts from all the snow and cold with losses up to 50%:
    The final comment reads:

    “Hail has marked all the fruits, which will therefore be depreciated. And if we think that in 2018 the second-choice fruit was valued at 5 cents, then it is clear that those who have been damaged by hail will have thrown away their work.”

    Damages in the millions with the potential for far more:

    The account for agriculture could rise exponentially because with low temperatures for several days even plants, from citrus to olive trees, may be compromised.

    At least two more weeks of below normal temperatures for the Iberian peninsula:

  2. In the past, my Nanking cherry has bloomed as early as mid-March. This year, it’s just now put out a few tenative flowers, and isn’t really finished budding up. Most trees are still naked, or just starting to bloom or leaf. I don’t think anything here believes it’s spring. (Except the grass, which I’ve already had to mow 3 times. And the tulips, which started blooming a month ago.)

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