Record number of traffic accidents in Moscow due to snow

Police ask drivers to refrain from using personal cars under these “exceptional climatic conditions.” Mainstream media ignoring it.

(See reader’s comment at end)
7 Nov 2016 – Moscow traffic police department announced a record 562 traffic accidents during the night due to the large amount of snow.

According to “Russia Today,” the Police Department reported four people killed four people and 18 injured.

The police department also warned of a large amount of snow falling in the Moscow region during the next few hours, and asked drivers to refrain as much as possible from using personal cars under these exceptional climatic conditions.

This in a city that knows how to deal with snow.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“While searching for “snow, snowfall” in Arabic language, I found out that in Arabic countries, the news about the heavy snowfall in Moscow and the many traffic accidents, is headline news.” says Argiris.

“However, watching the Dutch television news, there is nothing about the Moscow weather. Instead they had a long news item about the COP22 Climate Conference in Marrakesh, followed by a news item about wildfires near Sidney, Australia.

“This way we are being brainwashed in believing that the earth is warming.

“Winter has not even started yet and snowstorms are already battering Norway, Finland and Russia. But we don’t need to know that. Dutch MSM keeps quiet about that.”

12 thoughts on “Record number of traffic accidents in Moscow due to snow”

  1. Wonder what the COP 22 meeting are discussing today, maybe where they will be working in a few monthes time, Tim

  2. The election outcome has restored my confidence in Americans. Congratulations! Ditto for the Brits with the Brexit vote.

  3. For starters , thanks a lot for the counterpart of the “Climate change ” ………….. for me for years now telling every one who likes to heard it , yes there is a climate change going on , but we as contributors we do not have not the influence as every weather institute say we do !!
    As in The Netherlands the same problem all objectivity went down the drain , so mostly the weather news give ‘s us warmth records instead of all records or events .

  4. It has also Snowed in Scotland and the North of England Forecasters are predicting a milder spell then “The Beast from the East” that’s when winds come in all the way from Siberia to hit Western Europe including Britain in about Two Weeks time.

  5. Eline and Ragnar Langevegg have just recorded the official record amount of snow falling in Norway in a single day—see Norwegian Weather Service report

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