Record October snowfall in Cañon City, CO

Actually, Cañon City set three new weather records in October, including two for record cold.

Last month’s 19.7 inches of snowfall eclipsed the previous record of 17.5 inches in October 1969, says Ed Norden, Cañon City’s Cooperative Weather Observer for the National Weather Service.

Cañon City also established two new record lows in October.

The 9F (-12.8C) low on Oct. 30 shattered the previous record low of 12F (-11.1C) in 1993. And the -3F (-19.4C) on Oct. 31 broke the old record for coldest Halloween of 12F set in 1991. anon-city/

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  1. Robert, latest from Deutsch Well is that 75% of the nations committing to the Paris accord have already failed to meet their commitments. Also, it is now “officially” past the tipping point and so climate action is no longer appropriate. Climate War must be declared and all resources committed to the fray. And it is all Donald Trump’s fault. Even though, the US is the only nation to have reduced their emissions!

  2. Change begins between your ears, open your mind.

    People have to be guarded about conspiracy topics the majority of their lives. We can’t go out and strike up a conversation about the New World Order or solar flares with people.

    I became really interested in the Japan earthquake just because I wanted to understand the raw power of what was going on.

    We basically live on an egg shell. That shell is cracking. But that has been happening for millions of years. Under that egg shell is an ocean of liquid magna the likes of which most of us can not even imagine. California and Washington states are on one of those cracks in the shell.
    In a sleeping sun times chances of earthquakes and volcanic activity are waaaay stronger. I attribute all these events to solar storms, although each has been attributed to other, less apocalyptic explanations. But that’s fine with me. While we may currently be at odds with the mainstream media, everybody will catch up to us eventually.

    Just because a terrible realization about the world has changed our way of thinking forever, it does not mean that you should forget everything you’ve learned about making judgments about people, and checking the facts to see if someone is full of crap.

    Most people hear these warnings, yawn, and go back to sleep. But it will happen someday, it could be sooner then later. And when it does, it will be very ugly. The aftermath will be intensely bad, and then and only then will the careless sleepy sheeple wake up to a living nightmare! I might be the voice of reason, but most people will find my message a little hard to hear.

    Billions of humans are all lumped and judged together. The fight for freedom and independence is an epic event necessary to maintain human existence, but a disaster that is beyond control of man may be the ONLY salvation for the human race.

    The system has destroyed most thinkers.

    Thanks for your point of view.

    • “Conspiracy to commit a crime” is a legal term, and conspiracies are very commonplace. Anyone who says they “don’t believe in conspiracies” is either a liar, a hypocrite, or a fool. Conspiracy theories can be true, or untrue. Examples of conspiracy theories include “the threat of global Islamic terrorism”, “Russian hackers”, “drug cartels”, “communist plots” and “the New World Order”. Again, conspiracies can be true or untrue, but it is obviously untrue to say that conspiracies don’t exist. Those who denounce “conspiracy theories” are usually hypocrites who want us to believe in their own conspiracy theories.

  3. I have a 72 year old friend who thinks Climate Change is the answer for everything. I mentioned the solar cycle to her and she had never heard of it. I was floored.

    • I am 68 and I was taught about the solar cycle at primary school and about the economist William Jevons having discovered a link between the business cycle and see sunspots. That is why I never got on board with the man-made global warming hoax which only started being propagated by the media in the nineties. Up until then everyone thought climate depended on the sun.
      Perhaps your friend is just not very attentive.

  4. Every evil enterprise starts with a conspiracy, unless you think that Hitler, Stalin et al managed their horrific pograms single-handedly.

    Media in this country has become the quintessential brainwashing tool, demonizing certain words and behaviors in the minds of the great mass of people who are still stupid enough to watch television.

    Conspiracy theory, prepper, hoarder, gun nut, patriot. All of these words and phrases now have a negative spin.

    I love Mel Gibson for his effort to counteract that (see movie “Conspiacy Theory”), but they finally found his Achilles’ heel and silenced him.

    At least he didn’t “ski into a tree” like Sonny Bono and that Kennedy boy.

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