Record October snowfall in Minnesota


Duluth breaks old record set in 1933, when Franklin D. Roosevelt was president.


According to the National Weather Service in Duluth, Minnesota, Duluth received 10.6 inches of snow on Friday; the highest single day snowfall accumulation for any city in Minnesota – on any day in October.

Here is a look at the top ten highest single-day-October-snowfall accumulations for Duluth, International Falls, and Brainerd.

So much for global warming.

Thanks to Ryan Green for this info

8 thoughts on “Record October snowfall in Minnesota”

  1. Looks like the Goracle is out of action!

    And kids will still know what snow looks like in the month of October 75 years from now up north!

  2. I am more impressed with the 2.8″ of snow in International falls from they year 1055. How did they get records from so far back!

  3. Yesterday, they were predicting a major snowstorm for Quebec and Hudson Bay region. Still a few days out. There’s another wave of snow in Minnesota now. Since it’s snowing at night instead of noon! It might stick more, though it looks to be less accumulation, no lake effect. Minnesota needs reversr wind for lake effect.

  4. How inconvenient. AP’s Seth Borenstein had an article out on Friday that begins, “Winter is coming … later.”

  5. I live in International Falls, I can tell ya that timing of the storm was the only reason we didn’t get hammered. It snowed like hell I mean there were times we had blizzard conditions no lie as far as visibility, snow falling from the sky and wind went. Most of it didn’t stick though in my driveway I measured 2 inches and that was because temperatures didn’t drop quickly after sunset and the ground was still warm. Snow came down at blinding rates at 6 PM but it didn’t stick until like 9 PM. The national weather service was calling for 4 to 8 inches and if it was just maybe 2 degrees cooler that would of happened. I don’t usually do this but lately I have been keep track of how accurate forecasts are up to 4 days out. The weather channel app on this storm for my area was consistent the whole time just calling for 1-3 inches they deserve praise for getting it right for my area. However, as right as they were about my area they were wrong about Duluth who had time to cool off before the snow arrived

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