Record Rainfall in Portland, Oregon

We’ve had 13″ of rain since March 1st!

Record rainfall for Portland. (At least in the last 80 years!)

Thanks to Aleta Mekvold for this info

3 thoughts on “Record Rainfall in Portland, Oregon

  1. oregon has two very cheesed off aussies:-)
    snowed in and now flooded out
    cost em a small fortune to move over to start a biz
    reckon theyre looking at coming home soon;-)

  2. Well, in NW London, until yesterday, May 17th, we had almost no rain from March 10th. A drought-busting 3 inches fell here in the past 36 hrs, well over a months rainfall.

    So for every soaked US NOrthwesterner, there has been a drought stricken SE Englander!

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