Record-setting blizzard paralyzes Labrador

More snow in a matter of hours than YEARLY totals for many major Canadian cities


A record-setting blizzard shut down parts of Labrador, forcing the closures of roads, government offices and flights Tuesday, as well as schools.

The potent storm had already slammed Ontario and Quebec with widespread, heavy snow last weekend.

After picking up 75 cm of snow from just one potent storm, Happy Valley-Goose Bay has now officially outsnowed several major Canadian cities’ annual snowfall totals. That’s more snow than what somewhere like Nanaimo, British Columbia would see in an entire year.

It’s an historic early season snowfall for the books, breaking several significant records for the region. Those records include the snowiest day in November history and the largest two-day November snowfall.

At one point, the snow was falling at an astonishing rate of 5-10 cm per hour.

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  2. awesome broken records and NOT a damned mention on msm
    but if someone gets 3 days over 33c see it plastered globally

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