“Record-Shattering Cold” Across Central US 

Unseasonably cold air has been recorded from the Canadian–US border south into Texas, even into Mexico. For many states in the Central US, temperatures plummeted to more than 20 degrees below average.

‘An unusually cold front moved into the Central US early this week, spilling Arctic air throughout the Plains, Midwest, and Tennessee Valley,’ writes Tyler Durden. ‘By Wednesday morning, “record-shattering cold” temperatures have been reported.’

BAMWX meteorologist Kirk Hinz wrote in his latest note that cold air spans from southern Canada to near Mexico on Wednesday morning. He posted a chart of dozens of locations in the Central US that set various cold record lows (some were daily and or monthly records).

“The record-breaking cold has settled in this morning across the central US, stretching from near Mexico to southern Canada…as cross-polar flow drops in Arctic levels of frost/freeze temps in the late spring season. Additional record cold pushes east into Thursday morning as well before things start to moderate into the weekend,” Hinz said. 


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  1. The news portion of Zero Hedge is written by a group of editors who collectively write under the pseudonym “Tyler Durden, or Robert Meyers”, a character from the novel and film Fight Club.

  2. hmm so if dopey joe manages to ruin the economy and (ha ha not) the co2/temps dropped 1.5c
    and then you got more of this type of weather?
    not so pretty

  3. Our weather pattern continues here in my corner of England with clear skies meaning warm sunshine during the day but often with a cold north or east wind, and then dropping to freezing overnight. There has been no appreciable rain for weeks so actually thinking it it time to do some watering.

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