Record-smashing cold for 200 million people

Record cold across Michigan, New York, Kentucky, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Nebraska.

As notes this morning, mind-numbing temperatures are smashing 100-year-old records all across the country.

On Thursday, Flint, Michigan, set an all-time December record low temperature of -17F. (That’s for the entire month, not just the date.) Records in that location date back to 1921.

Watertown, NY, fell to -32Fshattering its daily record for Dec. 28 of -23F.

Daily record lows for Dec. 28 were also tied in Toledo, OH (-8) and Paducah, Kentucky (10F).

Daily record-cold high temps were tied or set Thursday in 29 locations from the Midwest to the South to the East, including Augusta, Maine (3F), Syracuse, NY (8F), Boston (12F), JFK Airport (19F) and Baltimore (24F)

On Wednesday morning, International Falls, Minnesota, set a new daily record low at -36F. It was even colder in Embarrass (-40F) and Cotton, MN (-41F).

Detroit tied its daily record low of -4F on Wednesday, and Alpena, MI, also tied its daily record low of -16F.

Additional daily record lows were set in Lincoln (-17F) and Norfolk, Nebraska (-15F).

On Friday, daily record lows were set at New York’s JFK and LaGuardia Airports – both 12 degrees F.

It is so cold that Jay Peak ski resort in Vermont was forced to shut down its ski lifts due to the numbing cold (-31F)

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4 thoughts on “Record-smashing cold for 200 million people”

  1. It sure looks like the Goracle is out of action!
    Snow and cold were supposed to be a thing of the past by now??
    Instead some of us could be under a massive glacier in our lifetime.

  2. Nippy here north of Boston on the coast (12/30/2017). About 2 degrees this morning. Fortunately no wind. Your book was terrific! Adapt 2030’s prolific David DuByne recommended it on his YT channel. Folks interested in the upcoming cold changes to the USA, listen to Adapt 2030’s interview with Floridian researched John L. Casey and read Casey’s latest book, Upheaval. Between Not By Fire But By Ice and Upheaval, your friends and family CANNOT deny what’s coming. Please prepare now. Also, a global economic crash is right around the corner. Listen to Greg Hunter’s USA interviews and Lynette Zang’s interviews and her Q&As. This worldwide crash and mini (?) Ice Age are life changers. Prepare now folks! Cheers!

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