Record-Smashing September Snowstorm Dumps Up to 4 Feet of Snow on Montana

Historic September snowstorm and record cold.

More than a dozen locations in northern Montana picked up more than a foot (30 cm) of snow. The highest snowfall total of 48 inches (4 feet, or 120 cm) was reported in Browning, about 105 miles northwest of Great Falls.

Snowfall in Great Falls not only shattered September records, it clocked in as one of their heaviest snowstorms of all time.

Missoula also shattered its snowiest September record. The 9.7 inches on Sept. 28 and 9.6 inches on Sept. 29 were the two heaviest September snowfall days on record in the city. The two-day total of 19.3 inches was second only to April 27-28, 2009 (24.2 inches) for the city’s all-time heaviest two-day snowfall, according to the NWS in Great Falls.

Normally, it takes until the week before Christmas for Great Falls to tally that much seasonal snowfall.

In Choteau, Montana, tree limbs were reported down on “most, if not all, side streets” due to the 16 inches of wet snow and winds, while 4-foot (120 cm) drifts were reported near Fairfield.

East Glacier Park measured 24 inches (60 cm) of snow.

Heavy snowfall (up to 19 inches) was also reported in Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada. (Snow even reached the valley floors around Reno.)

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7 thoughts on “Record-Smashing September Snowstorm Dumps Up to 4 Feet of Snow on Montana”

  1. Its only global warming if its extra hot or rainy.
    Extra cold or snowy is weather non grata in the MSM.
    Doesn’t fit the socialist polemic.

  2. at least they had a good long warning and should have farm animals secure n safe this time
    native critters wont be so lucky

  3. It was a tough weekend for tomatoes. Still cold. 22 degrees this am with a heavy frost. Sun knocked out most of the south facing snow today. Cold lingers especially in the shadows. Cuts hard like a mid winter arctic front. To early for cold like this. Pattern looks to continue this weekend with less energy. Solar minimum indeed.

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