Record snow in Abruzzo, Italy, 5 & 6 Mar 2015 – Two videos

Record snow in Abruzzo, Italy, 5 & 6 Mar 2015 – Two videos

Resident tells of wild animals in search of food close to homes.

VALLEY Castellana- March 2015 will enter history of the snowiest winter ever in central Italy, especially in Abruzzo in Valle Castellana, a small town of 1,100 inhabitants.

Published on March 8, 2015 – As of the morning of Thursday, March 5, for about 24 consecutive hours it snowed persistently recording a total accumulation of 1 meter and a half. (Almost 5 feet)

Starting at 11 am, the electricity went off in the whole district of Laga, leaving the entire citizenry in the dark. Snowplows, while working earnestly night and day, could not keep the roads open. In fact, immediately after the opening of the roads, the accumulating snow immediately restricted access again. In the afternoon of the same day, even telephone connections failed, both mobile and fixed.

The snow continued to fall incessantly. Broken trees prevented further transit on the few useable roads. In fact, many people, frightened by this ever more dramatic situation, decided to barricade themselves in the house next to the fireplace.

Wild animals in search of food close to homes

By nightfall, darkness enveloped completely Valle Castellana, at the mercy of a violent storm of wind and snow. Some people have reported the presence of wild animals in search of food close to homes.

The next morning, Friday, March 6, 2015, the few inhabitants who had a generator, stormed the only gas station in Valle Castellana in order to ensure a minimum of electricity to warm and wash. The storm continued unabated. The drivers of snowplows worked persistently to ensure at least an access road to the capital.

In parts of Pietralta, Leofara, Blob From Sun, Macchia From Boreas, the snow accumulation has exceeded 170 cm (5  ft-7 inches) forcing the inhabitants to dig tunnels under the snow to leave the house.

In late morning, with no electricity now for 40 hours, citizens are forced to spend another freezing night. Also on Saturday, March 7, the situation remained unchanged, with huge snowdrifts as high as 3 meters (10 feet) at the sides of the roads and total lack of electricity. Valle Castellana for several hours was overflown by a red helicopter that tried to locate faults on the power line. From the afternoon of Saturday, in some areas the electricity is returned, but with constant interruptions.

– Domenico Marinelli

Timelapse snowfall record accumulation 110 cm in Italy

Published on Mar 11, 2015 – Video is only 58 seconds long

Timelapse – Showing 110 cm (43 inches) of snow

You notice the fast snow accumulation and the subsequent dissolution due to the rise in temperature of the month of March.

Timelapse video by Domenico Marinelli

Thanks to Clay Olson for these videos

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