Record snow in Caribou Maine

Frost on the North East US!

Gelo sul Nord Est statunitense! Neve record a Caribou!

17 May 2016 – The “Frost in May” is attacking both sides of the North Atlantic, and temperatures dropped well below zero in the North East US.

Yesterday morning temperatures dropped up to 0 ° C in both Binghampton and Bradford, New York, where it even snowed the morning of May 15.

In addition to New York, the temperature dropped to zero at the Greater Rocford Airport, near Chicago.

Many parts of eastern Canada dropped below zero, particularly in Quebec, reaching minus 4.6 ° C in Matagami, (which dropped even further, to -6.5 ° C, on May 9).

Temperatures are running 14-16 ° C below the seasonal norm.

Meanwhile, record snowfall hit Caribou, Maine, where 9 cm of fresh snow yesterday, the most late abundant in historical records!

Reports speak up to 18 cm to the north of the city, located near the US/Canadian border.

Photos from the US National Weather Service.

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  1. I was in Maine a couple of weeks ago. Temperatures were averaging 10 degrees F below normal, and springtime in the area I visit was easily two to three weeks behind schedule based on what I saw of the folliage.

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