Record snow and cold in Croatia

Nearly 2 meters (6 ft) of snow in some areas.

Hi Robert!

Just want to inform you about some new records set in Croatia.

Parts of the Country received all time high snow. New records were set in numerous towns and settlements ranging from 1,5 meters to nearly full 2,0 meters of snow (Delnice 182 cm (6 ft) on Feb. 28th).

Although affected region is prone to high snows, this event was way out of ordinary. Army Command dispatched 1,000 soldiers with 100 pieces of clearing equipment to assist local services in clearing roads and reaching isolated settlements. It was snowy and cold for the whole past week along  Adriatic coast, with snow reaching as far as Dubrovnik and outer Islands.

There were also new negative temperature records on Northern Adriatic, with port town of Rijeka setting new low temp record for the late February with only -9 C.


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Mihael Krstić

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  1. And again when you go to the actual link, they want to blame it on “a cold snap” again?

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