Record snow cover in Europe?

Check out the map of snow cover.


I just watched a video about the coming winter and apparently snow cover over Russia into Europe is a record for this time of year,” says Andy S.

“The data only goes back to 98 so bear that in mind, however snow cover has penetrated right into NE Europe and all of Scandanavia is already completely covered.”

I’d love to see a link verifying that this is a record for this time of year.

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  1. Moscow expected heavy snow and blizzard
    November 6, 2016, 15:01
    Heavy snowfall and blowing snow with visibility reduced expected in Moscow on Sunday, November 6th. This was reported in the press service of the Emergency Situations Ministry in Moscow.
    It is noted that on November 6 from 16:00 to 11:00 on November 7 will snow, sometimes heavy in Moscow.
    “Wet snow, in the second half of the night in some areas with rain. Patchy ice, sticking of wet snow on trees and wires, snowstorm with visibility reduced to 500-1000 m “, – said in a statement.
    Also announced was the “orange” level of danger of the weather. “Declared the penultimate,” orange “level of danger of the weather, which means that the weather is dangerous, there is a possibility of natural disasters and damage” – leads TASS message Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.
    Earlier it was reported that in the center of the European part of Russia is expected to sharp deterioration of weather.
    Reader’s comment: The Dutch MSM does not report this.

  2. Western Europe’s snow cover should expand significantly over the next 10 days to 4 weeks.
    The forecast for the next 10 days indicates strong easterlies over the Sothern Baltic states, with a series very vigorous low pressure storms tracking South Eastward over the UK into the French Alpine regions into Italy and then the Northern Balkans, heavy snow fall should be expected for the Alps above 700M and in Central Europe as the storms track Eastwards.
    The warmer westerlies with these storms will affect Northern Mediterranean coasts with Italy, and the recent earthquake deviated area being affected by periodic torrential rain.
    Good job it’s not January in the UK or we will be up to the neck in the wrong type of periodic snow.

    • is reporting slowest Arctic ice growth recorded on SMOS with lowest levels since 2012 and air temperatures at North Pole 10 degrees above normal–thoughts anyone?

      • If you look at the synoptic chart when there is a blocking high over Scandinavia, and a similar large blocking low to the west of Iceland this generates a southerly gale between both system, this powerful Jet Stream then blows warmish wet air into the Arctic ocean, coupled with major swell conditions It’s the latter swell/surf conditions which will cause the existing ice cover to merge and thicken.
        Although, the Arctic above 80 degrees is well below Freezing at 265K
        Open Arctic Ocean also means far more Snow fall cover for Central Russia as the Jet stream moves around the blocking High.

      • I think it’s because there is a lof of blocking over the poles, which is pushing the vortex south, this actually raises temps in pole and stuns ice regrowth

      • It is still plenty cold in the Arctic, but well above normal. Photos and film from satellites taken in the 1960’s show similar ice conditions existed. A reliable record of Arctic temperatures really only goes back to 1979 from satellite data. So ignore both sides of the Global Warming argument regarding what this means. Meanwhile, the ice IS growing.

        Some scientists believe that the heat from El Niños winds up in the Arctic where it is dumped to space. There is supporting data.

        There have been periods in the last ten thousand years when plants were growing on islands facing the Arctic that could not have existed under present conditions. Today these islands have glaciers that are retreating exposing the plant matter and seeds from those eras.

        DMI has a yearly chart that they have somehow dated back to 1952. One thing that sticks out is the summer temperatures have really not changed over this period. Until that happens the ice isn’t going away. There is wide variation in winter temps with this year being the warmest after a near-record El Niño.

        Meanwhile half the people in the Northern Hemisphere are freezing their butts off and have been since late September.
        There has been record snowfalls and temps from Northern Europe to the Kamchatka. and in Canada. You didn’t hear about that in the news, probably. Most of the rest are going to follow suit in less than two weeks. Glad I live in Yuma, AZ.

  3. Yes, there is also snow here in England which is very early. It does often snow in Scotland before Christmas but south of the border it usually doesn’t snow (if at all) until January. But on Saturday and Sunday past there was snow in Northern England and tonight we are ‘promised’ temperatures down to 27F.

    However, the BBC does say that we shall probably get slightly higher temperatures for the rest of the week. Do hope so. As you know, the BBC is very biased towards the Global Warming!

      • Nevertheless, temperatures have been nearly flat for close to two decades by the satellite record. And we have emails that show East Anglia and U.S. scientists were busy tampering with temperature data, essentially ignoring it and making things up.
        Since then NASA, NOAA, BOM, and the British Met Office have been playing with the surface temperature data to make the past appear uniformly cooler than now. Those are facts.

        So don’t be so quick to rhrow the term moron around, you libtard, watermelon, or whatever you are.

      • The fact is the BBC is factually pro AGW, in every climate media broadcast the so called ever rising temperature is due to CO2.
        The fact the solar system is in a Grand Solar Minimum, and has been since 2008 isnt mentioned at all.
        The BBC fully supports the establishment view that CO2 must be taxed out of sight and we Must move to Zero Carbon usage, but without the investment to make it so.
        Regardless that the science they present has never been peer reviewed; only that it is a consensus, of those climatologist who are receiving the AGW support funding in the first place or are part of the Green socialist rent a mob .

  4. Also the more unusually early a first snow occurs in n Europe it almost always warms back up for a little bit as the weather is usually still variable – it is the 2nd week of November-not January yet

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