Record snow for December across the Alps

Reports suggest that Val d’Isere and Tignes have already enjoyed more snow this month than in any year since 1981, with more records set to be broken if the snow continues.”

“We haven’t seen continuous snowfall like this for a decade,”  says Ski editor Amy Neville-Eliot.

“The snow level at Bochard, part of the Grands Montets domaine, is reported to be 325cm. And in resorts such as Val d’Isere the snow is banked over 1.5 metres deep at the side of the streets.

“Some chalets in Verbier were evacuated on Friday and in Courchevel the World Cup Ski Racing was postponed the following day due to too much snow.”

See some amazing photos:

Thanks to Gavin Sibbald for this link

4 thoughts on “Record snow for December across the Alps”

  1. So, per the AGW folks, this record snow here and the blizzards in the SW USA are “weather patterns” and the record dry month of December in Oregon is “global warming” – ain’t it all grand.

    • And they were crying about the lack of snow in the Alps just a matter of weeks ago and blaming it on…you guessed it, global warming. Never anything said about record cold and snow though.

  2. Here in Mexico we get CNN International and the weather people were complaining every day several weeks ago that the Alps were without snow and that the ski season was in jeopardy. It was not said but the implication was that “climate change, global warming, climate disruption” was to blame. They are in bed with the warmer kooks!!!

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