Record snow in Norway – Five times as much as normal

Record snow in Norway – Five times as much as normal

Large areas of Norway still covered in snow – in June !

There is an extreme amount of snow in the mountains, both in the north and south.

Satellite measurements show that 23 percent of land area in southern Norway is still covered in snow,  nearly five times more than normal in June, says senior forecaster Eirik Malnes..

In Northern Norway, the corresponding figure is 35 percent, more than double a normal year.

Daily satellite measurements from the research institute NORUT in Tromsø show that nearly a quarter of the land area in the south and one third in the north are still snowy.

On average, snow covers 5 percent in the South and 10 in the north in mid-June.

In Troms, 35 percent of the area is still white. That also is remarkable considering that in a normal year approximately 10-15 percent of land areas have snow cover at this time.

This year there is more snow in June than in the record year of 2000, says Malnes.

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  1. In looking at the forecast for the rest of June for the North West Coast of Europe Including Scotland, Iceland and Norway that the Cold June will continue, another series of Arctic plunges will be experienced over the next 10 days, with strong North Westerly air flows from Greenland/ Arctic sea ice areas, the Summer melt in Greenland is still very reduced, coastal sea ice is still in abundance
    A series of Low pressures systems are expected to form in the North Sea centering on Shetland driving an easterly across the UK for the next ten days. Further snow fall is very possible above 3000 ft. It is Mid Summer this weekend, with the weather far worse than during the 1970s and this is supposed to be in the period of Solar Max. The next Solar Cycle is forecast to be even more reduced in power than this one. Cooling is taking place regardless of how NOAA cooks the books and the UN steals tax money from the working poor in the western nations.

    • Further proof of AGW. The warmer the oceans get, the more moisture evaporates off into the atmosphere. That moisture has “traditionally” come back down as rain/snow. (The unusual cold is caused by exaggerated buckles in the Arctic Front, in turn caused by rising temperatures at the North Pole.) Expect more of both… not to mention WIND. It will get windier and windier in Northern latitudes. It is blowing now in Sweden much more than back in the early 1970s. A lot more! Sticking your heads in the snow — and denying this — will not help nor stop AGW. IT IS ALREADY TOO LATE, ANYWAY. Have fun in the sun. But when your cities fry, DO NOT come up here. We don’t want you.

    • Move along, nothing to see here … focus on the new computer models showing unrestrained global warming … keep moving … keep moving …

  2. no doubt when it warms up again later this month and in July, the record melt will be recorded as proof of Gorebull Warming and the news, unlike the snow cover will get reported in the UK MSM

  3. Its OK the Pope has spoken, the FORECAST is for 147degrees in Saudi Arabia and NASA says May was the warmest ever ever ever………

  4. If the Norwegians don’t get out there and melt that snow PDQ, they are going to get booted, not only out of the UN, but the European Union as well. Then again that might be the best thing that ever happened to them.

    • The Norwegians are not in the EU, they rejected it, unlike the Swedes; and the Danes look likely to pull out of the borders free zone and start erecting fences like the Hungarians. Another French EU super state pipe dream bites the dust.
      You cannot have free movement of cheap labor EU wide, without it destroying the lively hoods of the working class in the country the cheap labor is migrating to. Wages drop to the lowest common denominator. Another fine cock-up caused by the UK labor party, the failing political party who still and never will, understand the law of unintended financial consequences from political gesture politics.

    • Norway is not in the European Union, never joined, and with all their oil wealth I’m not surprised either

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