Record snow in Serbia and Montenegro

Coast-to-Coast a.m. listener in Serbia confirms snowfall

Hello Robert,

i have been listening to you on my favorite radio show (coast to coast) in show titled “Fear & Extreme Circumstances” .

You were mentioning snow storms in Serbia, Montenegro, Romania …

I will tell you that i live in central Serbia and this year we had record amounts of snow ever … I had like more than one meter of the snow on my house roof.

It was unimaginable and very cold.

In neighboring Montenegro (country not known for its snowy winters ), they also had record breaking amounts of snow, even those living south at the seaside (which was very interesting for them because they are not used to having a lot of snow).

I can also confirm the situation in Romania, some people were trapped there , i don’t know exactly how many and for how long.

Best wishes.
Aleksandar Cvetic

Thank you Aleksandar,

It’s like there has been a blackout on the news here in the U.S.

We have heard nothing about the entire villages that were cut off by the snow, or about the people whose houses were buried beneath 4 meters of snow, or about the 140,000 people trapped by the snow. (See )

Are they now safe? Has the snow melted? Have there been giant floods?

Nothing. Nada. No news. We hear nothing.

If anyone has information about those areas, I would like to hear from you.


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  1. –same here in England, Alekhesander, neither the BBC or any of the other news programmes have mentioned anything about the extreme cold in Eastern Europe. It so happens that we’ve had some warm weather recently and that’s all they talk about.

  2. Hello, its me again.

    I have done some research and found those useful links for you to see.

    I have provided 2 news articles translated from Serbian to English using (i have pasted original url into googles translate box).

    Here are the links in english:

    And this link is about some basketball team from Serbia that went to Bosnia for a game and had difficulties because of too much snow..

    * If for any reason the links do not open , use the website and paste the original links in provided text box and make sure that you check ” translate from Serbian to English” .

    Original links:

    Hope you find this info useful.
    Besti wishes from Serbia.
    Aleksandar Cvetic.

  3. you are not alone in the us in being told nothing about the european winter. here in the uk neither the bbc nor the independant media have been reporting it even though we are part of the european union. all we’ve heard is how mild our own winter has been.

  4. Romania also experienced soft snowfalls in some areas, snow from this winter haven’t melted yet, even in Romanian Plain. Lowest temperature so far in March is -23C in our “Little Siberia” – Transylvania, but our March record for low temp. of -29C is hard to beat 🙂

  5. This is surreal. Media groups in step with political parties are suppressing “news about the weather” in Europe so as not to affect public policy. So the public is intentionally left in the dark re info which may shift its opinion. God forbid the public be allowed to think for themselves.

  6. Yep here in OZ is the same we heard when the cold started and nothing after that. I gues it goes against what they are trying to sell the public on the Golbal Warming BS.

  7. The really cold weather in Europe is at an end as of two to three weeks ago.

    A slow thaw has set in with mostly sunny weather in the days, frosts at night with the occasional snowfall but nothing major since mid February.

    I have been noting the past few years that there is an inverse correlation between what you get in the US and what we get in Europe. It’s not exact, but it appears to me that the West Coast of the US and Western Europe get different patterns of snowfall.

    All in all it was a brutal 8 weeks from mid December to mid February, but apart from that, mild and sunny.

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