Record Snow in St. Moritz

“It’s still summer, but it’s already snowing in some regions in continental Europe,” says reader. “There is about 45 cm (18 inches) of NEW snow in St-Moritz.” “What is going on here ?”

“I have here 2 newspaper articles.”

Record Snow in St Moritz - 19 Sep 11

First  is the Swiss newspaper Blick:
Rekord-Schnee in Graubünden: «Ganz St. Moritz ist im Einsatz», which means:

Record snow in the Grisons (South of Switzerland)
Whole St-Moritz is mobilized.
There is about 45 cm (18 inches) of NEW snow in St-Moritz.
The city attempts to remove the snow from the streets and rail tracks.

«Es war die Hölle los» “It was pandemonium”

“It has been snowing heavily.”  Toppled trees blocking the road.  The firefighters, police and community are now trying to take away the trees and clear the streets freely.

«Die Hölle war los!» “The hell broke loose!”

“It was unusual not only the amount of snow, the precipitation was specific.  In Sta. Maria it fell in Munster with 100 liters per square meter as much rain as never before since 1901.

See many photos and full article:

Through Google Translate: e=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1& inbruch-in-der-schweiz-182103

There is also a second article from Austria:

Westösterreich: Schnee sorgt für erste Straßensperren, which means:
West Austria: First roads blocked due to snow.

“Snow fell overnight in Tyrol and Vorarlberg even to low altitude.  Some streets have been blocked and others can only be driven on using snow chains.   A fast train has been blocked while traveling in Gasteinertal.

“Trees have fallen because of the excessive weight due to the snow, which caused energy delivery problems.  About 3500 homes were without electricity.  3 trains have also stopped in Salzburg.

The snow fell as low as 600 meters (1800 feet) altitude. ste-Strassensperren?_vl_backlink=/home/

Through Google Translate:

And a third article:

The snowfall also provoked traffic disturbances in the mountains, with the St Bernard, Flüela and Nufenen passes closed, according to ViaSuisse, which reports on the condition of Swiss roads.

The Gothard, Lukmanier and Oberalp passes are also covered in snow, it added.

Later in the second article from Austria, they claim that such a temperature drop is typical and that everything is normal…  What a BS !  This is unprecedented –  in Summer !

Also look on a map where south Switzerland and Austria are.   This is just north of Italy!  At this time in the year and at this place, it should be a nice warm weather.

For a confirmation of this, look at the picture number 7 of the picture gallery linked in the second article.  Restaurants were expecting to receive guests to take drinks outside, else the owner would have moved the plastic chairs and tables into the basement of the restaurant.

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12 thoughts on “Record Snow in St. Moritz”

  1. I look forward to monitoring the mnt washington snow report this winter particularly if european ski resorts are off to an early start to the snow season. So far there are still a few patches of snow from last winter. I don’t know if that is normal but for the record I’ve taken notice of it.

  2. It was not “they” who claimed the temp drop and the snow was typical. No, it was someone from the meteorological office! A “professional”. What his family will say to him after they read what he said? BTW, there’ll be a lot of German-speaking refugees when the Ice Age arrives, which could be this winter. Learn more languages, folks! There could be hordes of displaced persons whose speech is opaque to you.

  3. I live in Washington State.

    Snow forcast down to 5500 Feet for Saturday and

    Sunday Sept 16-18 in the Cascades.

    Mt Rainier is 14400.

    Not all of the snow melted which fell last year.

    Nisqually Glacier on Mt. Rainier is growing not


    The Ice Age has already begun.

    To Al Gore.

    Run – there is a glacier chasing you.

  4. yeeeaaahh ! 45 cm is something, especially in September. I think we can tell how winter will look like this winter. Btw, is just the begining of fall in Europe.

  5. yeah so much foir global warming witgh snow in september. Back in the Uk my family tell me its been autumnal since the end of August, usually our warmest month and this is southern UK

  6. Reply to Steven Rowlandson: it’s worrying that you still have ‘patches of snow from last winter’ because I understand that this is the way Ice Ages start — snow stays on the ground to be covered by the next season’s snow which stays to be covered…etc.

      Hello Sonya.
      I am doing a long distance observation of Mnt Washington via the internet.
      Mnt Washington is under a mile high, has the deepest snow base in the world and has gone from 3 to 5 meters of snow base to over 7 meters in the last 2 years and yes it has a ski resort. Yes those small snow patches seen via the whiskey jack webcam could be a small beginning of glaciation. Time will tell I guess.

  7. Yep! I have holidayed in Northern Italy in mid September, driving over the Alps to get there.. there ARE glaciers up there, really high of course so there is always a chill, even in the height of summer. Typically, you hit temps in the mid-80’s once down on the Italian side.. this is extraordinary!

  8. When the “professionals” are saying that such early arrival of winter is “normal” what they are really trying to say is that, given the rather large increase in volcanic eruptions going on, it is therefore only to be expected that the world is going to be cooling down. As the world cools down there are going to be intense storms bringing gigantic floods and out of season heavy snow. If the volcano’s continue erupting at this rate then being in an Ice Age situation gets to be “normal weather” according to the “professionals” ?

  9. Here in the Manitoba basin of Canada I am already dreading the massive runoff from the mountains and high plains. We are downhill from 4 american states and 4 Canadain Provinces and most of that runoff and flood water drains ino our basin. We have been experiencing terrible floods each year with this year being a 1 in 350 year flood event. Massive amounts of croplands were underwater all summer and thousands of lake cottages destroyed because the lakes are growing fast due to all the record snows and rains. The future of housing in Manitoba looks stilted. Instead of Wheat, barley and such, we may become rice growers before long. Fishing may also become our primary harvest as most of our cattle had to be shipped out of province to higher ground this year.

  10. Whilst this is undoubtedly unusual, it is by no means unique.

    I was in Salzburgerland, Austria in July 1981 when 30 cm fell overnight on the 15th July. That’s high summer, not early autumn.

    Now if this snow stays until the start of winter, sure that’ll be unique.

    But I’d be extremely surprised if it did…..

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