Record snowfall brings more than 1,000 crashes

Record snowfall in central Virginia. Video

Sunday snowfall totals across central portions of the state reached around 13 to 14 inches (more than 30 cm) in many areas . Some spots in southwest Virginia saw 17″, 18″, even 19″ of snow. Wintergreen reported 21 inches (51.3 cm) of snow!

The Richmond Airport reported 11.5″ of snow, the most snowfall at the airport prior to December 10. The previous record was 7.3 inches, which accumulated over two days, Dec 6 and 7, 1952.

It was also the 2nd heaviest snowfall for the entire month of December in more than 100 years. The previous record of 15″ was set 110 years ago, in 1908.

The heavy snowfall shut down most Central Virginia public schools Monday, with all major school districts including Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover and Petersburg, canceling classes

Meanwhile, Dominion Energy was dealing with close to 60,000 customer outages.

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6 thoughts on “Record snowfall brings more than 1,000 crashes”

  1. First of all, schools around here close when there’s heavy frost. And 60,000 put of power is just a drop in the bucker, beside a LARGE majority of these were back on at the end of the day. Lets stop making drama were there is non. If we dont act with integrity we are no better the the green asylum bunch.

    • When roadways aren’t built for snow and ice, they do have a different surface. Probably should keep buses off the roads for heavy frost. As for 60,000 being a drop in the bucket, not to the 60,000. As for the power being back on at the end of the day, if you didn’t have the heat turned up before the power went off, conserving power, you probably were pretty damn cold by the end of day. I suspect that would be pretty dramatic to the person without power.

      If calling an average daily temperature that is .5 F higher as something that is threatening civilization and the planet is “not making drama out of the non,” nothing would qualify. It appears you require a major disaster to be worthy of reporting. However, reporting is giving the facts. The reader is the one that makes mountains out of molehills. You are a perfect example.

  2. The truth is… Virginia (especially VDOT which is responsible for most roads) has no idea how to deal with roads when it snows, which makes it worse. Add to that, a mix of people who have no idea how to drive in snow (and ignore advice from anyone from the Evil North), plus people who lived in cold places and know how to deal with snow were roads are well maintained… but have no idea just how bad the roads get and how poorly maintained or how badly drivers from the South deal with snowy streets. Most ignore warnings and think that speeding up somehow will magically get them where they want to go.

    One storm they had here I saw about 12 crashes in a mile distance, with only about 1″ of snow on the road… and myself nearly crashed 2 times and went off the road myself once tho only driving about 15mph (because here they have a slight elevation in the middle of the road to control flooding… if the road is slick at all that pulls your car off the road immediately). I ended up staying 2 days in a hotel in town, as when I called my landlord to let them know I wouldn’t make it home… he told me the roads out where I live, just 6 miles away, were covered in sheets of ice.

    As a consequence… I always stay off the road myself when we get snow or ice here or even threatened.. no matter what… but I get made fun of a lot for doing that.

  3. The reason Virginia and southern states do not take care of the roads well when it snows is lack of machinery and equipment and experienced operators. You can’t spend huge sums for all of that to sit idle while waiting for infrequent storms.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, as such storms will become more frequent due to cooling of the Earth, they should start increasing their equipment purchases, etc. But try to get the people to support the idea of spending money to fight cooling when the governments, schools, media et al constantly advertise global warming.

    They are already declaring that “the snowfall was cause by climate change due to global warming.” Of course.

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