Record snowfall buries Newfoundland houses up to their roofs

More than 3 feet (97 cm) of snow in Gander since Thursday.

5 Apr 2017 –  Added to what was already on the ground, this brings total seasonal snowfall in Gander to a record 238 cm (93.7 inches), shattering the province’s previous record of 174 cm (68.5 inches) set in 2004.

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6 thoughts on “Record snowfall buries Newfoundland houses up to their roofs”

  1. The areas of the northern hemisphere where the ice sheets were the largest during the ice age, is where we are now starting to see huge snow falls… It’s like the weather patterns have a ‘memory’ of what they did in the past… This goes along with your research, Robert.

    • For snow we need a local source of humidity and air close to minus one degrees Centigrade. If the ground is freezing or lower that snow will remain.
      Globally the oceans contain much heat at present so the humidity in the atmosphere is, on average, high but we are dropping into a grand solar minimum so it is inevitable that, generally, we will see high snowfalls.

  2. I guess kids will still know what snow looks like in Newfoundland during April in 70 years from now!

    • “winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event.”
      Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.”

      Just as well too – today’s kids are spoilt to the point of having nothing to look forward to. They get what they think they want or throw tantrums – and I’m not just talking about 2 year olds.

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