Record snowfall in European Russia

Snowfalls from the White Sea to the Black Sea. In some places, a record.

Very heavy snow in the Samara, Tatarstan and Saratov regions.

In Adygea, heavy precipitation (snow, sleet), heavy wet snow in Guserpil, diameter up to 50 mm.

In the foothill areas of the Krasnodar Territory, precipitation was  mixed. In Labinsk, it snowed 13 mm (liquid equivalent) in 12 hours, forming a snow cover up to 12 cm deep.

In Psebay, snow depth was 19 cm.

A record amount of precipitation for one particular station was in Kotlas: 8 mm (liquid equivalent) per day, beating the previous record of 7.3 mm set in 1953.

Thanks to Alexey Parkhomenko for this link

3 thoughts on “Record snowfall in European Russia

  1. Sure doesn’t look like the hot air steaming out of Al Gore’s mouth is having much effect these days – including the rest of these climate idiots!

    Rest assured, kids living in Europe and in Russia will still see record snow and bitter cold there 75 years from now, I can tell you that!!
    That includes Canada and the USA also.

    And the next time you hear ANY news roundups from either your radio, TV or internet by mistake, you turn the MUTE OFF until they are completely gone, then turn it on again. That’s to avoid them from contaminating your head and those of your children, ok??

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