Record snowfall for Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Meanwhile, Eau Claire has broken its snowfall record for the entire month of February – and its only February 12.

Snowfall totals for the current storm are:
Minneapolis-St Paul 5.6
St. Cloud 3.7
Eau Claire 7.7
Minneapolis-St Paul and Eau Claire each set daily snowfall records for February 12th. St. Cloud set a liquid equivalent (melted snow) record for the date
4 hours ago

57 minutes ago

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9 thoughts on “Record snowfall for Minneapolis-Saint Paul”

  1. That really seems odd to me it would be 7 inches. Only reason I say that is last year they got so much snow later in the spring. What gets lost in all this is February 2nd is a possible early date for warm weather. Semms like odds are shifting away from that substantially, opposite of what they claim. Also 6 week leeway, that’s a ton of natural, very normal, variability.

  2. Another 60-100 inches (150-200 cm) of Gov. Moonbeam’s “permanent drought” expected in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains:
    Also, even before this latest snowstorm wallops them yet again, the state is running far ahead of normal for snowpack:
    Northern Sierra – 88% of April 1st max, 115% of normal to date
    Central Sierra – 100% of April 1st max, 134% of normal to date
    Southern Sierra – 98% of April 1st max, 137% of normal to date

    If they stopped letting so much of that fresh water flow out into the ocean to save a non-native darter fish, there would be less demand on the Colorado River and perhaps Arizona would be able to bank more in the future. Unfortunately, California will never allow that to happen as its population reaches 40 million, 6% of which is illegal. That amounts to 3+ million residents with no legal basis to be there, all of whom are taxing the water resources of the state.

  3. Question … what energy dynamic pushes cold from a pole area towards the equator? Likewise, what energy dynamic pushes heat from the equator, towards each pole area; or may be doing so, in each case?

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