Record snowfall for Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Meanwhile, Eau Claire has broken its snowfall record for the entire month of February – and its only February 12.

Snowfall totals for the current storm are:
Minneapolis-St Paul 5.6
St. Cloud 3.7
Eau Claire 7.7
Minneapolis-St Paul and Eau Claire each set daily snowfall records for February 12th. St. Cloud set a liquid equivalent (melted snow) record for the date
4 hours ago

57 minutes ago

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8 thoughts on “Record snowfall for Minneapolis-Saint Paul”

  1. That really seems odd to me it would be 7 inches. Only reason I say that is last year they got so much snow later in the spring. What gets lost in all this is February 2nd is a possible early date for warm weather. Semms like odds are shifting away from that substantially, opposite of what they claim. Also 6 week leeway, that’s a ton of natural, very normal, variability.

  2. Question … what energy dynamic pushes cold from a pole area towards the equator? Likewise, what energy dynamic pushes heat from the equator, towards each pole area; or may be doing so, in each case?

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