Record snowfall in Gillam, Manitoba

Almost 8 inches (20 cm) of snow, SMASHING the previous record of nine centimetres.

“A raging snowstorm going on TODAY in Gillam Manitoba, Canada,” says reader. “The bubble is about to burst. What goes up must come down and (temps) always have as in world climate records. Writing’s on the wall for all the warmists to see.”

“Gilliam has recorded snow in June before,” says Rob Davis, a meteorologist at The Weather Network, “but the historical average is 3 centimetres, spread out over the entire month.”

Thanks to Joe, John Topal and Alex Meyer for this link

“This snow will be reflecting the energy from the direct sunlight that that latitude is receiving,” says Alex. “Prepare for an ice age.”

5 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Gillam, Manitoba”

  1. This weather does seem a bit alarming for N. Hemispere near summer. Now,this is alarming…I watched a BBC documentary on Earth snowball effect,evidence from worldwide collected data, proves that “Dropstones”found in earths rock and sedimentary layers which were scraped off land…and dropped from melted ice, covering all the oceans over the entire Earth.But,in modern times,there’s some wow factor,no doubt… in what’s going on in international weather these days!!!

  2. The MSM will never report on this. Here in Ontario they are all about the so called odd “heat wave” even though here a heat wave is defined my “three or more days of temperatures of 32ºC or more” by environment Canada along with the ministry of labor. That has not happened yet this year and may not at all.

    I wonder if all this snow, late season even for Gillam (Canmore Alberta also got dumped on)is as of a result of low sunspot, PDO going cold and also volcanic wild card activity…

  3. Note that Gillam, Manitoba, lies at about 56 degrees 21 minutes NORTH latitude, and Ushuaia liess at about 54 degrees 48 minutes SOUTH latitude. That means they are about the same distance from the Equator. Both received moderate-to-heavy snowfall around June 10, 2012. I daresay an ice age is no respecter of “seasons” as we know them!

    • Northern hemispere in canada seems cold and snowy to outsiders,but it is not in the arctic zone…where unbelievable cold exists to this day!! Interglacial canadians.

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