Record snowfall in Houston

Widespread snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches brings Texas city to a crawl.

8 Dec 2017 – Houston’s second earliest snowfall in recorded history set not one but two snow records.

Before midnight, 0.1″ of snow had fallen at IAH setting a record for December 7th. Snowfall after midnight totaled 0.6″, a record for December 8th. In total, Houston officially received just shy of an inch of snow.

One of the biggest snowfalls in history for Texas gulf coast

It was only the third time since 1895 that Brownsville has received accumulating snowfall.

Meanwhile, It was the first snowfall in 13 years in Corpus Christi, which recorded between five and seven inches of snow.

Ninety miles northwest of Houston, College Station recorded five inches of snow.

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2 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Houston”

  1. as a resident of Houston, I can verify parts were slowed to a crawl. The freeway known as 610 west, one of the most heavily traveled by the locals as it passes the galleria which is home to many residences, shopping and business(would qualify as one of the 10 largest business areas by office space in the usa if measured separately for downtown).
    anyways, the 610 freeway was shutdown from accidents on the ice for several hours and resulted in many people having to take alternate routes.

  2. I live in central Texas and was amazed by this, especially this time of year. Weather got it all wrong. The cold arrived just right for the over running of the sub tropical jet. Also, how quick it started sticking was a bit strange as days prior were a run of mid 70s….between 4 an 5 inches here……global warning my _________.

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